It was an Autumnal day and the sun was low. The fog lay on the fields around my house like big soft pillows of clouds. It hugged the trees, bushes and sleeping sheep. It’s not what you’d expect, but it was perfect weather for a Farnham Castle Misty Early Morning engagement shoot!

Couple sit under a wooden trellis at their Farnham Castle engagement shoot surrounded by red flowers

Farnham Castle Misty Early Morning engagement shoot

In preparation for their wedding, Jen and Andy wanted to explore the beautiful grounds at Farnham Castle‘s Bishop’s Palace. The Castle gets very busy during the day, but since it was really early in the morning, we were the first visitors there. The dew drenched grass glistened pristine until we walked across it and each of our steps left footprints in long trails behind us.

Although it was a really misty Autumn morning, thankfully it wasn’t cold. So even though our feet got a little wet we were able to walk the length of the Bishop’s Palace. the grounds are vast and encircle the Bishop’s Palace and the Keep which towers over Farnham Castle and the valley down below.

The Keep has rough stone walls and steps that stand in stark contrast to the elegant and luxurious feel of the Bishop’s Palace. The medieval steps leading up are steep but once you get up there you are rewarded with 360 degrees of breathtaking views. On a clear day, you can’t help to fall in love with the views and to try to make out landmarks in the distance.

We were lucky that when we walked up to the top the sun came out and burned off the mist. The views over Farnham and the Surrey valley were clear and gorgeous and it turned into a wonderfully sunny and warm day that dried our feet. It was the perfect ending to a lovely morning.

Couple laugh together at their Farnham Castle Misty early misty morning pre-wedding shootA girl looks up at her fiancé surrounded by summer flowers at their Farnham Castle engagement shootFarnham Castle Misty early morning engagement shoot couple laughing together as they sit on a benchCouple hug and laugh in front of a blue door on their Engagement shoot at Farnham Castleengaged couple cuddle on the steps of Farnham Castle KeepEngaged couple hug between tree branches on their early morning pre-wedding shoot at Farnham Castleengaged couple kiss and hug against the stone wall at at Farnham Castle's KeepEngagement shoot couple sit on a bench and cuddle

Farnham Castle Morning Pre-wedding Shoot highlights


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