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"Maria Maria Maria…

I can't stop looking at our photos. I never thought that I would be the type of person who goes back again and again to look at the past. But I am completely mesmerised and enchanted by our stunning photos. They make me so happy inside, and I want to look at them ALLLLLL the time!"

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I am Maria, a wedding photographer based in Sevenoaks, Kent. I'm an adventurer at heart. I have travelled and love to travel a lot. Fun fact, driving from London to Mongolia via Iran and all the -stans (like Uzbekistan) takes 41 days, lots of tea, and some spare suspensions. Speaking Russian also helps.

I am super close to my family, although none of them are in the UK. We are cuddlers and huggers and I'll admit it, I cry at Disney Films. I didn't used to, like ever, but my first pregnancy turned me into a puddle, and my mum's and best friend's deaths a couple of years ago just broke that dam forever. Don't even fecking get me started on the Lion King or Bambi. Just why?!

Nick is my anchor, and my kids & cats make me larf.

I still like to write letters and read real books.

I'm often attracted to the emotions shown between generations, but also the fun that kids have at weddings. They are mental!

Yes, I want you to love my photos, but I also want you to like me as a person, because I find it hard to photograph people I don't really connect with. Photography for me is not about the technical motions. I feel a lot in the work I produce and it's personal to every client.

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the big reactions, huge laughs & tears

the I’ve-had-too-many-bubbles-and-I-don’t-care faces

the subtle look you share with your hubby-to-be as you join him at the end of the aisle

nana sipping a sneaky glass of bubbles on the bus to the venue

the stroke of the hand that says I’m so glad you are here and that you love me and that I love you

the hands up in the air, bum wiggling & sing out loud dancing with your besties

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Shouted "look at the camera"

overly posed photos

hours of wedding portraits

too many photos of your details, though you wouldn't mind some in the final set

spot-coloured anything

stiff, moody, unnatural photos

too many group shots

having to smile at the camera all day

ALL the cheesy poses









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Hugs received & given @ weddings

At the end of the day, for you it’s all about the fun!

And you want unforced, natural and fun pictures that remind you just what it was like on your crazy, amazing, hilarious day.


Peak dates available in 2022

If this sounds about right, then you’re looking for a documentary wedding photographer like me. Yay!

If you want to know more, read on my friend, head straight over to the blog, or enquire about your date.

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