Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

From the first time I shot a pre-wedding shoot at Farnham Castle I loved the possibilities that this amazing wedding venue offers for simply stunning Farnham Castle Wedding Photography!

In terms of backgrounds for wedding photography, Farnham Castle is just really really really good.

Starting with the Bishop’s Palace, Farnham Castle’s Grade 1 and 11 listed buildings are quite the sight to take in and with beautiful views over Farnham itself there aren’t many wedding venues that are this majestic. Walk a little further around the Palace and you’ll find yourself at the foot of the Motte and shell Keep, suddenly framed by medieval castle background for your wedding photography on one side and wild flowers on the other. Climb the stairs and you’ll find clear dramatic skies and a well that is just perfect for late night, creative light photography.

Couple walking at Farnham Castle on their tweed and petticoats pre-wedding shoot in the autumn Farnham Castle Wedding PhotographySeriously! With so much to choose from, your Farnham Castle Wedding Photography can only be stunning!

So, to help with ideas, this page is a collection of wonderful photos from shoots and weddings at Farnham Castle, lots of useful tips to help you plan your Farnham Castle Wedding Photography and links to my favourite recent pre-wedding shoot galleries that will show you how gorgeous your Farnham Castle Wedding Photography can be.

Couple sitting on a wall at Farnham Castle and Farnham Castle Keep nearly kissing in black and white on their Farnham Castle tweed + petticoats pre-wedding shoot by natural alternative creative wedding photographer Maria Assia Photography Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

Tips for your Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

  • On your wedding day you get exclusive access to the grounds and all aspects of the venue for your Farnham Castle Wedding Photography, so make the most of it. We should use the many different buildings, both inside and out as well as the grounds and of course the extraordinary Keep. Your Wedding Photos will look stunning!

Bride and groom walking through flying confetti at Farnham Castle by Maria Assia Photography

  • Give yourself enough time, so that we’re not rushed. Plan to have a good 30-45 mins for couple photos. Even if you’ve walked it on your visits many times and you know how long it takes to walk around the grounds, on the day, in your dress and heels and potentially with different weather, it will take longer than you think. The grounds are massive, so be generous with your Wedding Photography time and your wedding photos will look fab!

Bride looking on as her wedding veil is blown up the stairs creative photography by maria assia photography Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

  • If you can, get ready at The Gatehouse at Farnham Castle. It will save you lots of travel time and take away the stress of wondering if you’ll make it to Farnham Castle on time. It’s a super short walk to the Bishop’s Palace and absolutely beautiful, so your dress, shoes and lovely details will look absolutely stunning in your photos.

Bride looking at her bouquet before walking to her wedding ceremony at Farnham Castle

  • If you’re planning your civil wedding ceremony in The Lantern Hall, you can accommodate up to 150 seated guests and have gorgeous photos of this atmospheric room with its wooden floor and five arched windows that stream in tons of natural light. The ceremony room is laid out diagonally drawing focus to the small nook where your ceremony will be held. The light streaming in as you walk in and down the aisle are just fabulous in photos and will make your ceremony look great in your photos!

Bride smiling at her dad after he's walked her down the aisleEmotional Groom wiping away his tears at Farnham Castle

  • If you are planning your wedding in one of the two chapels in the Bishop’s Palace the feel of your wedding photos will be very different and a lot more intimate. Definitely make sure that your photographer is comfortable with different light conditions as the light in the chapels can be difficult for less experienced photographers. Also, don’t forget to keep both chapels in mind for your low light and creative light evening photos. Gorgeous!!

  • Whether you’re planning your civil ceremony or chapel ceremony at Farnham Castle, you’re likely to walk into the Stone Hall and onto the Great Lawn when your ceremony is done and you are finally married to your best friend. Yay! Here, you’ll be able to have a chat with your guests, relax with a drink and a delicious canapé and take those all important formal group shots. Let’s get them ticked off early, so you can then party without worrying if we’ve missed any.

Scottish Groomsmen at Farnham CastleScottish Groom and best man showing their legs under their kilts at Farnham Castle by Maria Assia Photography

  • After your formals, let’s escape and explore the grounds for your couple shots. Whether it is sunny, raining or snowing, the grounds are always different and always stunning, so be brave and let’s go! Yesss!

Bride holding her windswept veil at Farnham Castle by Maria Assia PhotographyBride and Groom walking through the grounds at Farnham Castle

  • Once we’re done with your main couple session and I’ve captured many beautiful photos of you and your lovely man, we’ll go back to The Great Hall at the Bishop’s Palace, where you can relax and chat with your guests during your wedding breakfast, laugh and cry at your speeches and enjoy your first dance and PARTYYYYYYY. At this point I’ll blend into the background, capturing you and your guests both from the ground floor and from the various balconies overlooking Farnham Castle’s Great Hall.

Farnham Castle Wedding guests with monkey masks onBride and groom dancing a parody first dance at Farnham Castle Great Hall weddingWedding guests ceilidh dancing and laughing at a farnham castle weddingGuests dancing ceilidhs at a fun Farnham Castle wedding

  • Then, when all is said and done, I will probably take you away for another 10 minutes for some late night, creative couple photos that will be the perfect ending to a perfect day. Amazing 🙂

Creative night shot at Farnham Castle Wedding

Farnham Castle Photography Video

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Farnham Castle Wedding Photography Portfolio

Farnham Castle is a really fabulous wedding venue, and it’s also a fab engagement location. Here are some of my most recent engagement shoots and weddings.