Got the Travelbug?

Destination Wedding Photography: Tips to help you plan it and make it run more smoothly

I really love to travel.

Ever since I was a child, travel has been a large part of my life. My father was a diplomat and to top it off I am also the child of a mixed marriage, so travel was par for the course.

Now that I get to do my own travelling as a destination wedding photographer, I love the anticipation that floods the senses at each new destination, especially if I’ll be shooting a wedding, elopement wedding or engagement shoot.

Even before I arrive at the airport, I look forward to inhaling the atmosphere of the new place I am travelling to and capturing the beautiful and unique details and emotions of the wedding that lies ahead of me.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about your Wanderlust, your Travel Bug, your Destination Wedding Photography or Engagement Shoot.

Are you looking to book your gorgeous Destination Wedding Photography? You’ve come to the right place

Whether it is the traditional Chinese tea ceremony that you are going to perform for your loved ones, the funky pattern on the door of your wedding venue or the local donkey legging it for your hor d’oeuvres, I am there to capture it.

Whether you are planning an intimate or surprise engagement at your favourite destination, a spontaneous exotic elopement, or a traditional Christian, Greek, Indian or Jewish wedding, I will be there with you.

I am fluent in German, Bulgarian, and comfortable in Russian and Danish and have been very lucky to have been asked to photograph stunning engagements and weddings all over the world, including the US, Morocco, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, France and the Czech Republic.

This page is a collection of glorious Destination Wedding Photography, lots of useful tips to help you plan your destination wedding, and links to my favourite destination wedding galleries for you to get some ideas of wonderful locations and details.

Tips to help plan your perfect Destination Wedding

1. Before you choose your wedding venue, hotel or wood (hey, why not?) you have a slightly tougher choice to make. Choosing the country where you’d like to have your destination wedding!

Every country has its pros and cons, from legalities involved in registering a marriage there, to religion, to more personal factors like if you’d like to have your wedding on a beach, in the mountains or in the desert.

Sit down and write a list each (one for you and one for future hubby that is). What’s important to you? Food? A Spa? The beach? Do you have to actually do your legal bit there or are you happy with a small legal ceremony here and a big gorgeous blessing there? Do you dream of a church wedding? Do you want your family and friends to stay in the same place? Are historic attractions important to you? Do you need it to be child friendly? Do you want to go somewhere you’ve been before or somewhere completely new? How many people would you like to have at your wedding?

Write it all down, then compare lists. Find the similarities and narrow down your location-based on both your lists. You’ll be surprised of what your options are!

2. Once you have your shortlist, check if what you really want is even possible.

Nick and I got married in Morocco, but Morocco is a muslim country, so if we had wanted to have our legal ceremony there we would have had to fly a registrar out from the UK. Madness, right?!

So we had a tiny, 4 person ceremony here and then had our actual wedding as a blessing there. Goooooooorgeous!

If you have some help from a wedding planner or coordinator in the country of your choice (and I really recommend you do since otherwise you might have to fly out there every two weeks), ask them about this stuff. They do this all the time and they know exactly what you need to bring, send or staple to your forehead and when.

Use them as your personal oracle for your planning period. That is what you’re paying them for, right?

3. Let everyone know early!

So they can plan their holidays and make their travel arrangements.

Unless you actually want a very intimate wedding. Then take all the time you need 😉

Don’t forget to find a Destination Wedding Photographer (Hello!) that is available and is happy to shoot at your destination. Also check if they are able to shoot under similar light and temperature conditions. Very bright, hot sun or very blue, cold, icy weather aren’t exactly what you find in the UK, so make sure they know what they’re doing to get your Destination Wedding Photography right.

Also check flights from any destinations your guests might be coming from. Nothing like willing guests that can’t get to you faster than a 24 hour trip one way! Eeeek!

Denmark Destination Engagement Photographer

4. Personalise, personalise, personalise.

Planning from afar doesn’t mean that you can’t make your wedding your own. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite!

Print your own programmes, personalised menus or place cards.

Make your own flowers and buttonholes.

Bring a gift bag to leave in each room for each of your guests.

Pinterest can be your best friend here and how to make small, light, easily brought details that will make your wedding truly yours.

5. Embrace local ideas and traditions

You can always make your wedding stand out by using local foods, activities, flowers and music. It’s great fun and will give your family and friends something to remember!

Nick and I gave tiny Moroccan tagines filled with pralines to each of our guests as a wedding favour (Cute!), served Moroccan deserts instead of a wedding cake (Delicious!), offered shisha in the evening (Very popular!) and we had a local Fire Dancer to perform during our meal (Breathtaking!)

Have as much or as little local touches as you like. Just follow your heart. It’s your wedding after all!

Destination Wedding Photography Portfolio

Here are some of my favourite destination weddings, elopements and engagements for you to click through. Go on, you know you want to. 😉


Destination Wedding Photography Faves

Every time I look at these photos it makes me excited to photograph a beautiful destination wedding again.

Baaah! If there were just more destinations, destination weddings and weekends in a year!

If you are planning your destination wedding or engagement and you would like me to capture your gorgeous Destination Wedding Photography (Yes please!), then shoot me a note and let’s start this destination wedding adventure.

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