I love it when my couples give their engagement shoot outfits some thought. There are so many options and each give the shoot a completely different feel. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw Katherine and Lev’s outfits at their Farnham Castle Tweed & Petticoats pre-wedding shoot.

Oh yes, I thought. This is going to be good.

Engaged couple leaning into each other beneath a tree at Farnham Castle

A Farnham Castle Tweed & Petticoats pre-wedding shoot

It’s really important for me to connect with my clients. You hire a person after all, and it’s one of the reasons why I offer pre-wedding shoots. Of course I can take beautiful photos of you on your wedding day without a pre-wedding shoot, but having it means that you’ll be that much more comfortable in front of the camera and your wedding photos will show that.

When I first met Katherine and Lev I immediately felt the connection with Kat. She was my kind of bonkers and such a funny person. Lev on the other hand was a lot more reserved. So I was really pleased when we met at wonderful Farnham Castle and any hint of a question mark disappeared.

It turns out all three of us share a very similar sense of humour and adventure. So as the Autumn sun shone brightly on the glorious grounds at Farnham Castle we took our time to explore this beautiful venue.

Let’s explore Farnham Castle

I love the windswept leaves spread out across the beautiful grounds of the Bishops’ Palace and Farnham Castle. They were tiny pops of colour that made Kat and Lev’s tweed and petticoats really stand out on their pre-wedding shoot. Add to that their adventurous fun spirit and the result is a lot of time joking and laughing with each other. This engagement shoot also felt really close and intimate, especially once we climbed the steep rock stairs up to the Keep. The breathtaking views across the sunbathed Surrey valley are contrasted by the medieval feel of the Keep and well at the top of it. It’s worth coming here and taking in these views even if you are just visiting, and taking a relaxed walk around the extensive grounds of the Bishop’s Palace.

Below are some of my favourites from this gorgeous pre-wedding shoot, and if you are planning your wedding or engagement shoot here, let’s chat.

Couple walking at Farnham Castle on their tweed & petticoats pre-wedding shoot in the autumnCouple standing and kissing at the winding stairs of Farnham CastleCouple standing and kissing at the stairs of Farnham Castle Bishop's PalaceTweed & Petticoats pre-wedding shoot at Farnham Castle by Maria Assia PhotographyCouple laughing on a wall at Farnham CastleCouple laughing in a blue doorway at Farnham Castle pre-wedding shootCouple kissing behind blurred leaves at their tweed & petticoats engagement shootblack and white photo of an engaged couple snuggling at Farnham Castle Keep WellEngaged couple standing on the wall at the Bishop's Palace at Farnham CastleCouple goofing around at Farnham Castle KeepEngaged couple laughing in front of stained glass window of Farnham Castle Bishop's PalaceEngaged couple sitting on a tree on their natural tweed & petticoats engagement shootCouple kissing on a wall at Farnham Castle and Farnham Castle Keep

Farnham Castle Tweed & Petticoats Pre-Wedding Shoot Highlights


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