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Munich, a destination engagement photographer’s dream


If you follow my blog, you will know that I love to shoot at new locations as it keeps me on my toes and gets my creative juices flowing. That is why I was very excited to be asked to be Anja and Roland’s Destination Engagement Photographer in Munich.


Munich is one of those cities that has a lot of spacious alleys and combines both the old and new in its architecture. You will see old museum buildings flanked by massive columns and then a few meters further on you will stumble on modern steel beams connecting an old ruined wall to a library. Then of course there is the old Olympic stadium and park, which although they were built in 1972 still look as current and relevant as if they were built today, and very close by there is the impressive BMW building with it’s inverted Helix presenting all of their new model cars. But Munich also has the little streets, the ones that remind you of Berlin, cobbled, flanked with the occasional tree and bursting with clean but quaint four-story blocks. Take a bus and you are back in the city centre, where magnificent fountains await you as well as the bridge that crosses the Eisbach river that only spans 20 meters, but that is bustling with urban surfers riding the naturally formed wave. Believe it or not, this is the world’s largest urban surfing spot. Munich truly is a city that has a lot to show and offer a destination engagement photographer, without ever stepping foot at the Octoberfest for which it is so renowned.


Anja and Roland live very close to the main train station and so it was a very short journey to all of these interesting sites. Although I was there to shoot their pre-wedding shoot, they enjoyed showing me around and taking me to these fantastic places. I selfishly have to admit that I had as much fun looking around this magnificent city as sneaking a few shots here and there of them enjoying the beautiful day and each other’s company.


Thanks again Anja and Roland for showing me around. I enjoyed every last minute of it. I also cannot wait to share the photos from Anja and Roland’s wedding, which will be featured on the blog very soon. For now though, here are some of the shots that we made together on our fun walk through the city.


If you are looking to capture your pre-wedding shoot in an exciting city around Europe or the rest of the world and are still looking for your destination engagement photographer, please get in touch to check my availability and book your fantastic e-shoot away.

Engaged couple huggingDestination engagement photographer with Munich coupleEngaged couple having fun in Munich Engaged couple walking in front of Munich museumEngaged couple laughingEngagement photography in MunichMunich Eisbach surferMunich Eisbach surferMunich Eisbach surferAnja & Roland laughingEngaged couple in loveLaughing couple on engagement shootEngagement shoot at Munich fountainMunich back garden engagement shootEngaged couple reflected in the poolEngaged couple at BMW in MunichEngagement shoot outside of Munich BMW buildingDestination engagement photographer in MunichCouple in front and reflected in BMW helix

Engaged couple standing in the sunshineEngaged couple having fun


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