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An epic Whimsical Wedding – one couple, two venues and two ceremonies in the midst of the Bavarian Forest


As a Destination Wedding Photographer I am very fortunate to be asked to travel to many different parts of the world. I also witness many different ceremonies and local wedding traditions that make each wedding unique and so different from any other. This Whimsical Wedding in the midst of the Bavarian Forest was exactly such a wedding.


Anja and Roland put so much of themselves into their wedding with lots of homemade elements and as the day unfolded they were also surprised by lots of fun activities and quirky ideas organised by their guests. This wedding included so many elements that I decided to split my post into two parts. So here it is – Part 1 of 2.

Destination Wedding Photographer – my trip to Munich


I arrived in Munich the day before the wedding and soon immersed myself in the very organised schedule Anja and Roland had set. We picked up her dad’s very old (read from the 60s, and yes, it counts as an antique) VW bus, loaded to the brim with all things delicious and beautiful bar for 3 custom-carved little spaces for the three of us and set off into the Bavarian Forest and to the tiny village of Hauzenberg.


We arrived just before lunch at the picturesque Gidibauer Hof, which overlooks the forest and the valley and is just down the road from where Roland grew up. I knew I was in for a treat!


The weather was gloriously sunny and warm. The view over the fields that flanked the Bavarian Forest was clear and seemingly endless. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful setting for Anja and Roland’s wedding.


The next morning, the day began with the hustle and bustle of makeup and hair, while the wedding venue staff at the Gidibauer Hof busily set up and decorated the reception room and tables. Anja and Roland had chosen a green and white colour scheme and had prepared all the details to suit. White candles, green and white flower arrangements, and scrumptious green and white maroons tied with green ribbon for every guest, were beautifully arranged in the sun filled reception room. Everything looked gorgeous and set for a fab party and as I headed over to Anja’s room, I could tell that this was going to be an exciting day.


Anja was surrounded by her friends and just after they strapped her into her dress, put on her beautiful Swarovski wedding jewellry and the make-up artist applied the final touches I quickly headed over to Roland, who was preparing to go and meet Anja for their first look before the ceremony. Anja and Roland wanted to spend the last 30-40 minutes before the madness of the day began together, by having a first look and then a sunny, relaxed and fun wedding portrait session with me. It meant that they headed off the nerves that a lot of couples feel in front of the altar, and it also meant that they had that short part of their day just to themselves, basking in the glorious sunshine and enjoying each other’s company.

Ceremony no.1


Soon after our portrait session, the couple met their guests and everyone headed to the Hauzenberg municipality building for their civil ceremony. It was a very intimate and touching ceremony and as per German wedding tradition, instead of confetti, Anja and Roland found themselves having to complete a small task to prove they work well as a team at the end of it.


As their guests greeted the newly married couple at the bottom of the municipality building’s stairs, Anja and Roland were also greeted with a heart shape drawn onto a sheet, which they had to cut out with the minutest scissors available in the whole of Bavaria. 😉 Once cut out, they had to simultaneously step through the heart-shaped hole as a testament to their harmony and teamwork as a couple. Only then were they allowed a well deserved glass of bubbly and a natter with their closest friends.


Then there was only one thing left to do. They jumped into a brand spanking new white BMW and led everyone back to the Gidibauer Hof where the party was really about to start.


If you’d like to know how this whimsical wedding continues, keep an eye out later in the week for part 2 of this glorious wedding.


If you are looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer to capture your Whimsical Wedding or you are planning a German or Bavarian Forest wedding of your own, please get in touch to check my availability and let’s get planning! In the meantime, enjoy this amazing day just as I did, and feel free to share, comment and like the photos you are about to see.

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Bavarian wedding venue Gidibauer Hof courtyard
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Whimsical wedding details
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Maid of Honour seeing bride for the first timeGroom getting readyGroom wedding portrait
Bride and groom sharing a pre-wedding first look
Bride and Groom barn door portrait
Bride and groom wedding portrait with leading linesDestination wedding photographer Maria Assia PhotographyDestination wedding photographerBride portrait photographerDestination wedding photographer Maria Assia PhotographyBavarian Forest Destination Wedding Photographer Maria Assia PhotographyBavarian Bride and Groom wedding portraitsBride and Groom portrait at barn doorwhimsical wedding shoes with stickersWhimsical wedding groom's tieBride and Groom in their way to their Bavariand destination wedding civil ceremonyGerman civil ceremonyBride and Groom entering the civil ceremonyBride and groom holding hands at their civil ceremonyBride and Groom exchange wedding bandsGroom's parents watching their son's marriageGroom's grandmother watching her grandson's weddingBride ang Groom wedding kissBavarian civil ceremonyBavarian Bride and Groom hugging maid of honourBavarian family congratulating bride and groomGroom's parents crying happy tearsMarried couple walking down the stairsGerman traditional wedding gameWhimsical Bavarian wedding traditionBride laughing with her friends over champagneBride and Groom driving away
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[…] fortunate to be asked to travel to many different parts of the world. A few days ago I posted the first part of this epic Bavarian forest whimsical […]

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