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Zoë & Dan

“We love the photos! They made us laugh and cry and gave each of us insight into how the other one spent the day. It's so surreal to go through them, like being transported back there every time, and they tell such a great story. Thanks, Maria. They're the best."

Like you, I never have enough time – so here’s something I hope will help us both: the answers to my most often asked Wedding Photography FAQs – like what happens if it’s hooning down with rain, how long do we get to party with you for, and when will we get our mitts on our awesome photos? Read on, my friend.

Questions & Answers

Some As to your Qs

How would you describe your shooting style?

Suuuuper relaxed and unobtrusive. A fly on the wall with a huge smile on her face.
I want to let your day unfold exactly as it is without any fuss or hours of formals. I’ll deliver just what you want – beautiful photos with no faffing about (and just a few organised formals to stop our mums from killing us.)

Are you a full time photographer?

Yes I am… and I love every moment of it!!!

Are you insured?

Aaaabsolutely. I carry equipment to the value of a nice and roomy family car with me and I am insured to the hilt. Even if, heaven forbid, your Granny falls over my bag, I’ve got you covered on that too.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

Usually it’s just me and there’s not much I won’t catch! But if you are getting ready in different locations and you’d like to capture your lovely man’s nervous preparations, or you’d like different angles of your day, or your wedding is mega huge, then a second photographer is a great idea and provides you with a great addition to your final set. I have a team of supremo photographers whose style is very similar to mine and who regularly work with me.

How far in advance do we need to book you?

I book up really fast and up to two years in advance (WHAAAT?), so if you know that I’m the photographer for you, don’t hang around! Your booking fee and signed electronic contract are all I need to secure me for your date. I only shoot 30 weddings per year, so I can give my couples 100%.

How long is the typical coverage on a wedding day?

In my book there’s no such thing as a typical wedding!
That said, I normally arrive around one and a half hours before you leave for the ceremony to capture your dress and all the beautiful details of your day, and stay well into the party (I LOVE a good party).
Some of my best shots are taken when everyone has let their hair down and I also like to take my couples out for a sneaky night shot, just to mix it up a little.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes, I absolutely do. It has taken me years of fine-tuning to create the look and feel of my photos and I love making them look just right and the way I imagined them when I shot them. I won’t bore you with the details, unless you really want me to. Then we can totally geek out.

How many photos will we receive?

I normally deliver around 500 images, but often a lot more, particularly when I have a second photographer with me.

Do you travel for weddings?

Hell yeah! All mainland UK travel is included and I am also happy to travel anywhere in the world. With 5 languages under my belt, destination weddings are a bit of a specialty of mine. Where are we off to?

What happens if the weather is rubbish?

I have shot in three feet of snow, at dawn in sleet, in pouring rain and wellie weather, at 4pm in November, and full African sun so hot you could fry an egg on the pavement. There’s little that will phase me. While some conditions may be more challenging than others, I’m not afraid to get stuck in and I love the different look each of these light situations creates. Whatever the weather, I love natural light and I’ll use some creative light for your portraits too.

What happens if you get horrifically ill and can’t photograph my wedding?

This has never happened to me yet, but let’s face it, it could. And for this reason I work closely with a number of professional wedding photographers who shoot in a similar style to me, and have the same approach as I do. If everything went wrong and I really couldn’t make your day, they would take my place at short notice. You will not lose out on anything, nor will you incur additional costs. They would shoot and I would edit your wedding photos, so you can rest easy and look forward to your gorgeous photographs.

What if your cameras stop working?

I can guarantee you that this is every photographer’s worst nightmare, which is why any wedding photographer with any sense has their equipment serviced regularly. I use professional equipment, which is specifically designed to withstand the pressures of a professional wedding photography environment and I have it serviced twice per year, so that it’s always in tiptop shape and so that I can rest easily.
I also ALWAYS bring spares. And I mean spares of everything. I never leave the house without a spare camera, lots of lenses, lots of memory cards, spare batteries, spare light stands, spare flashguns… you name it.
Oh yeah! I take this stuff reaaaaally seriously!

How many times will we speak to you before our wedding?

I like to spend quite a bit of time getting to know my clients before their big day. We’ll be spending the most important day of your lives together so it’s soooo important that we can be buddies!
If you choose to have an engagement shoot (do it!), we’ll get to spend some extra time hanging out together; you’ll get used to being in front of the camera, and I’ll find the best angles to photograph you.
In the week before your wedding we will chat through your day with a fine tooth comb so that there is nothing missed on the day. This step is super important and I NEVER skip it.

How long will it take for our photos to be finished and can we print them?

It usually takes me 6 weeks to edit all of your photographs and then you can view and share them in your online wedding gallery. Hurrah!
And as for printing, of course you can! You have full rights to print and share your photos for personal use. I know your friends and family will want to see them as much as you do, so feel free to share, tag, instagram, pin, email and print them as often as you like. I only ask for your photos not to be modified. You hired me for a certain look, throwing a filter over it kills me just a little bit every time I see it.



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