Your Luscious Wedding Album

After your wedding, when you have viewed, re-viewed and re-re-viewed all of your images, shared the emotion with your newly baked husband or wife and shed the occasional tear over your favourite moment captured in a photograph, you will take your USB with your wedding images and face a decision.

Will your images and memories live in a drawer somewhere or will you have your own wonderfully hand-made wedding album designed to make them come to life in a real and beautiful way?


Whether you would like an affordable soft cover photo book that holds all of the photos from your day, a contemporary fine art printed wedding album or a traditional matted album in luxurious leather or canvass, we’ll create your perfect wedding album together. I design and supply albums in three distinct styles, so you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

Sooooo grab yourself a cuppa, make yourself comfy, and scroll on through my selection of albums.

Traditional Matted Albums

from £850

Contemporary Fine Art Albums

from £550

Fabulous Soft Cover Books


Classic Matted Wedding Albums by Maria Assia PhotographySoft Cover Photo Books by Maria Assia Photography
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Traditional Matted Wedding Albums

These traditional matted albums are a true timeless classic, but brought forward into the 21st century. Photographs that withstand the test of time without fading and discolouration are framed by pristine matts that really make your photographs stand out. If you love the classic look and feel and would like an album that your parents will love, choose a traditional Matted Wedding Album.

Just like the Contemporary Fine Art Albums above, these come with 20 double pages as standard, but can hold up to a maximum of 40 double pages designed to show off your story uniquely your way. Choose from different shades of canvas and leather for your cover and sizes of 10×10″ or 12×12″ and love your beautiful album when it arrives. Parent copies are also available.

Classic and simply beautiful

Traditional Matted Album Prices

Traditional Matted Book7×7″10×10″12×12″
Grand Matted Book£850£1,200
Grand Parent Copies£400

Spreads included: 15

Additional spreads: £30

Embossing: £40

Maria Assia Photography traditional matted Wedding Albums Maria Assia Photography traditional Queensberry matted Wedding Albums

Contemporary Fine Art Wedding Albums

These gorgeous books are perfect for a true documentary story. The fine art paper is gorgeously textured and a nice weight, so if you are looking for something beautiful and contemporary, this is your book.

They come with 15 double pages as standard, and can hold up to a maximum of 30 double pages designed to show off your story in the most glorious way. Different shades of canvas and leather covers are available and you can choose from varying sizes, from 8×8″(for parent albums) to 12×12″ (for your main album). Choose to have your album embossed for a super personalised touch and go for identical parent albums too, which are the perfect gift for your mum and dad.

A book you’ll want to look at over and over and over

Contemporary Album Prices

Contemporary Artbook£550£650
Contemporary Parent Artbook£300

Spreads included: 15

Additional spreads: £15

Embossing: £40

Maria Assia Photography Fine Art Wedding Albums

Maria Assia Photography Fine Art Wedding Albums

Contemporary Fine Art Wedding Albums by Maria Assia Photography

Soft Cover Coffee Table Books

Super fabulous, these little 8×8″ books pack a great punch. Each one comes with 200 magazine style pages, and you can choose to either highlight your favourite 200 images from your wedding day at one image per page, or show ALL of the images from your wedding uniquely designed to show off the timeline of your day.

These Soft Cover Photo Books will look fab on a coffee table and when you take them over to your family or friends to relive your day and at just £200, they are also a fabulous gift for your mum and dad.

Truly Fabulous

Soft Cover Photo Books by Maria Assia Photography

So how does this Wedding Album Design Service work?

Whether I was your wedding photographer or not, if you like the look of my wedding albums and you would like to buy one for yourself and your parents, I offer a Wedding Album Design Service to create your dream album for you.

Get in touch, and let’s schedule in a chat over a cuppa, glass of wine or Skype and pick out your favourite shots from your wedding. These will form the heart of your album and I will go away and design your album with these images to tell your story in the best possible way. You will also be able to choose your cover and title from a the beautiful array of choices, and decide on the accessories that will complete and make your album uniquely yours.

Designing your album will take about a week and when you are happy with your design, it will take around 6 weeks for it to be lovingly created and delivered.

Once it arrives, there is only one more job left to do and that is to unwrap the beautiful packaging, free your stunning album from its velvet bag and fall in love with your wedding all over again.

So let’s tell your story uniquely your way through my Wedding Album Design Service.

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