And so we meet

Three years ago I had no idea how much my life was about to change. It became so much better and yet so much more challenging, exciting and yet more mundane. I also had no concept of how it was going to change me as a person, and as a Documentary Family Photographer.

Then I had this little guy, my beautiful funny little boy. Once he was here, I was equally exhilarated and shocked by the fact that I created another human being. And that I was now responsible for this human being’s development, education, happiness and care.

sleeping toddler with curly hair, documentary family photographer

I loved everything about him, how perfect he was, his tiny little nose and cheeks, his minute fingers and toes. We began his learning curve together and revelled equally in each newly mastered skill. He made me so proud.

And then I realised that I wanted to be not only the best parent, but the best human being I can be. I want to teach him inquisitiveness about life, to follow his curiosity, and to love knowledge and learning. I would love him to laugh as much as he can, and to be happy. He will ideally be critical of his surroundings and not just follow blindly because somebody said so. And most importantly, that he can achieve anything he sets his heart to, as long as he invests himself.

To the journey

3 years later and now in Otford, Kent, much is still the same, but much has also changed.

There are days when he is still my little boy, but mostly, he is now so big and independent. We have finally conquered the terrible twos and I am able to reason with him on most occasions. He understands a lot and is developing into a smart, well-natured, good-hearted person. I like spending my time with him, rather than just being responsible for him. I can see how his still rudimentary mind, works and how he reasons.

He makes me laugh so much my stomach aches with the funny things he says and does. I like his budding sense of humour and treasure every kiss and hug I can steal from him. He tries most things for himself, so that he can decide what he likes and what he doesn’t, rather than prescribing what is ‘good’ for him. I think failure is as an important lesson as success. I love his ambition and I encourage him to share even though he doesn’t like it. We read a lot of books, sing a lot of songs and go adventuring as much as my energy will let us. I am very proud of him.

Now don’t get me wrong, although I love him more than I ever thought possible, he is not the centre of my world. I relish the limited time I get to myself and I also love my work as a documentary wedding photographer and documentary family photographer. I get inspired and I love the opportunity to be purely an adult. It channels my creativity and lets me be part of my couples’ happiest day. And when he’s going through a particularly trying phase, it also resets my patience, which in turn then lets me be the parent I would like to be.

It also teaches him that independence is important and a very good thing. I hope I can be an example to him that he will look up to as a child. And if I’m lucky a person he likes when he is himself an adult and sees me as an equal.

Documentary family photography – Up, up and away

Now with his third birthday behind us, there are only a few short months before I have to register him for school. I know that there are many more challenges ahead of both of us, both for him and for me. But there is nothing in this world that I would rather do. I can’t wait to share the rest of his journey into adulthood with him, the laughs, tears and tantrums, and to see where it all takes him – my wonderful, beautiful, lovely little big boy.

And I can’t wait to get into my documentary family photography more and to capture more photos of him and his sister.

Please share some of my favourite moments of our first three years together, and if you’d like to know more about me, or about my photography or you would just like to have a chat about your wedding or family photography, I am always ready for a cuppa.

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Мартин Григоров

Да ви е жив и здрав и много да ви радва! 🙂

Blagodarq ti Marti 🙂 Nadqvam se i pri vas vsichko da e dobre.

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