Image Usage Guide for Suppliers

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Let’s Share the Love

Photography and the wedding industry can be a lonely game at times. I often sit at home editing, having a conversation with my two tuxedo cats, as they’re my only real colleagues. In an effort to stay sane, I make a point of being as awesome and as helpful as I can in the way I work with my fellow wedding suppliers. We are all in this together after all.

I love to share my photographs far and wide through wedding suppliers like you, so please read my simple guide and enjoy the photographs.

What it’ll Cost You

If you’d like to use my photographs in third-party media adverts, then it’ll cost a nominal fee of £25 per photograph. This gives you a license to use my photographs in as many articles and advertising campaigns as you like.

Should you wish to use multiple photographs then I’ll offer a discount so get in touch and we can talk numbers.

The Free Option

Use them on social media, your website or in print in your own brochure as much as possible provided you follow these three easy-to-follow steps.

#1: Don’t change the photo size, crop or appearance in any way. This includes applying filters (definitely no B&W) and/or crops. If the photo is in landscape, use it as landscape, if it’s portrait, please use it as a portrait and don’t square it.

#2: Only share photographs that I have shared with you.

#3: Leave a clear mention, credit, and link to where my work can be found in the caption. Please do not bury this in the hashtags on Instagram or in a comment attached to the post on Facebook.

Why do we have to ask you to use any of the images even if the clients agree?

Imagine a musician wrote a song for one of our clients and you wanted to use it. Of course, you would ask the musician for usage rights, because although he wrote and sang it for the couple, copyright remains with the artist. The same applies to photography. Using images without a photographer’s permission or at the very least a tag/link, is very very naughty indeed and can incur a hefty retrospect fee if you’re found out.

Why don’t the clients have to tag you?

Tagging is always helpful and makes such a difference to us small businesses. That is why I add as many supplier tags as I can when I post. I am all for spreading the supplier love. Clients, however, pay a premium for a licence to print and share and can therefore choose who they tag. By getting the images for free, you agree to add a tag/link in return. Feel free to let me know if you would like to purchase any to use in any advertising campaigns.

Credits To Use

Website/Any Other: live link to, with the Link text Maria Assia Photography

Instagram: @mariaassia_photography

Facebook: @mariaassiaphotography

Pinterest: @mariaassia

And now, enjoy! Just shout if you don’t have your gallery link, and we’ll get the party started.

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