Somerset is a beautiful place. I have family who live there and I love it every time we visit. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or raining, Somerset is always pretty. And so it only figures that weddings here are stunning too, just like this St Audries Park Sophisticated Rainy Somerset Wedding.

I took this wedding on very last minute because Antonia and Angus’ original photographer wasn’t very well, and so although it’s a bit out of my usual shooting area, I was very happy to stay over and capture it at the wonderful St Audries Park.

Surrounded by wonderful views over both Somerset and the Sea, St Audries Park is a wonderful place to photograph. On a sunny day and with a little bit of time in your pocket, you can jump in the car and drive down to the beach, which is only about 6 minutes away, and on a rainy day like this one, there is plenty of beautiful backgrounds just around St Audries Park and St Etheldreda Church to make your photos look wonderful.

The grounds that surround it are luscious and green. There are deer feeding on the nearby Somerset hills. The beautiful conservatory can serve as either a beautifully lit ceremony room or as a lovely place to mingle and enjoy canapés and champagne or even munch down on high tea.

And so what if it rained?

Antonia, who looked freaking amazing btw (OMG! take a look at that dreeeeeeeess) and Angus really didn’t let the weather spoil their day. Armed with umbrellas and elation from the day, they braved the raindrops and wind and just enjoyed a great celebration with their families and friends. With the help of the St Audries Park staff we even set up a bucket load of confetti on the grand staircase, which was great fun for everyone involved and Antonia threw the bouquet for one of her lucky bridesmaids to catch. Awesome!

Well, here are some of my favourites from this St Audries Park Sophisticated Rainy Wedding and if you’re planning your Somerset or St Audries Park wedding, you know what to do – drop me a line. Oh, and give this a like and a share why don’t you 😜

St Audries Park Sophisticated Rainy Somerset Wedding Favourites

St Audries Park in the rainst-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-28st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-90st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-57st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-77st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-74Bride's lashes being applied for her St Audries Park Weddingst-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-95 st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-110 st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-168st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-172st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-194st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-204Bride standing in the window at her St Audries Park Sophisticated Rainy Weddingst-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-254st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-259st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-261st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-239st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-232st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-269st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-290st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-317st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-325st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-332st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-348Bride and Groom smiling happily in the rain at their St Audries Park weddingst-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-377st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-458st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-463st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-466Girls jumping to catch the wedding bouquet at St Audries Parkst-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-478st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-480Bride lying on the stairs at her St Audries Park sophisticated rainy wedding st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-499Bride and Groom married at St Audries Parkst-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-609Bride and Groom standing in front of St Audries Parkst-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-618Bride and Groom hugging at St Audries Parkst-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-626st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-628st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-631st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-636Bride and Groom dancing their first dance in the Grand Hall at St Audries Parkst-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-684st-audries-park-wedding-maria-assia-photography-658St Audries Park grand staircase creative night shot of married couple