If you’re worried about rain on your wedding day, then you’re not alone. Remember Alanis? Wouldn’t it be ironic? It’s one of the concerns that I hear most often from brides, right alongside falling flat on your face at the end of the aisle and forgetting your vows, which I’ll talk about in another post.

Since we live in the UK where it rains anywhere between 108 and 205 days in the year (according to the Met Office), and you’re most likely getting married here, I won’t lie, it can happen.

But, I’m also here to tell you that just because it rains on your wedding day, it doesn’t have to mean that your day won’t be amazing or that you’ll end up with crappy wedding photos. This Smeetham Hall Barn Rustic Rainy Wedding will show you how.

Bride and Groom smile at each other in a corn field at their rustic Smeetham Hall Barn wedding

A candlelit ceremony at Hedingham Castle and then onto Smeetham Hall Barn

Lauren and Mathew exchanged vows in a stunning and intimate candlelit ceremony at Hedingham Castle, which since it was all inside and lit by candle light, made the rain completely irrelevant, and then they went on to have a Smeetham Hall Barn Rustic Rainy Wedding. But if you look through the photos, you probably wouldn’t think that it was raining too badly. Of course there is the odd parasol and umbrella here and there, but on the whole… it was a relatively dry day, right?

Well, actually, apart from a short gap right after the ceremony and just in time for the group shots, it was pretty much raining aaaaaaaaall day, sometimes just as a light drizzle and sometimes in a downright downpour.

But we made do, and not just that, Lauren and Mathew were incredibly adventurous and committed to their photos and even joined me in the fields behind Smeetham Hall Barn, where we found a few puddles and a bit of mud, and also gorgeous tall corn, and long wild country grasses, and beautiful views over the rolling hills.

Lauren donned some flip flops that were actually meant for the dancing later in the evening (very stylish!) while Mat grabbed a parasol umbrella to help ward off most of the rain and off we went.

The photos are stunning and some of my favourites too! Lauren’s red hair and her long wedding dress train and veil stand out gorgeously from the backgrounds around Hedingham Castle and Smeetham Hall Barn. Mat’s dark blue suit is stylish and complements Lauren beautifully. Breathtaking!

I love the matching vintage morning gowns the girls wore in the morning while getting ready and sipping champagne.

And just look at those flowers. Did you know I adore thistles? Swoon!

And let’s not talk about the naked cake and the crazy dancing! Looooooove it.

Anyway, back to my tips about rain and this Smeetham Hall Barn Rustic Rainy Wedding… Ok, so if you want to make the most of your photos in rainy weather here are my tips to help you do just that.

Tips for a Smeetham Hall Barn Rustic Rainy Wedding

  1. Commit! It will make your photos awesome. Don’t worry about your dress too much (WHAAAAAT?). The main part’s over, it will get a little dirty anyway (trust me on this – you should see it at the end of the night!), and you’re only wearing it that one day, and what are dry-cleaners for?! Seriously!
  2. Bring wellies. Even if the weather report says it’s going to be sunny. Bring them. It’s a couple more items that can make all the difference should the weather report be wrong. That way you don’t have to worry about your gorgeous shoes getting muddy either and they can be fun in shots too.
  3. If you don’t have wellies or you don’t want to lug them along, opt for flip flops. Same thing in green, if you know what I mean.
  4. Bring an umbrella or a parasol. If you plan it beforehand, you can buy a really pretty one, which will make you feel so much less grumpy about the rain and it can double up as a prop for creative night shots too. Sweet!
  5. Choose a venue that works well in all seasons. Most venues lend themselves to both great and bad weather, but some don’t. Keep possible bad weather in mind when you’re planning your wedding venue and your wedding photos. Of course your wedding photographer will make anything work if they’re good, but a venue that ‘works for its money’ is worth its weight in gold.
  6. Trust your photographer. They’ve done this before (if you’ve booked me, I guarantee it). I might have soaking wet shoes, but I will do anything to get the best out of your shots. I have laid lengthwise in muddy puddles, knelt down in squelching dirt and laid on my back on wet grit. If you trust me and come along, I will try get the best shot possible for you, I promise. As Mat put it: “It wouldn’t be a shoot with Maria, if we weren’t knee deep in mud!” Haha, I couldn’t have said it better myself. (Btw, between you and me, as a girl from the Mediterranean, I much prefer dry sunny weather, but shhhhhhhh, that’s a story for another time.)

Keep these things in mind and you’ll be much less stressed and much happier on your rainy wedding day. And if you want somebody, who isn’t scared of a little water and will actually make the most of it, then give me a shout.

And in the meantime, feast your eyes on Lauren and Mat’s glorious Smeetham Hall Barn Rustic Rainy Wedding.

The Old Rectory Country House, SudburyRed haired Bride's messy side bun at The Old Rectory Country HouseGroom's card to his bride at The Old Rectory Country HouseBride's hair being prepared into a messy side bun at The Old Rectory Country HouseSapphire Eternity Wedding ring at Heddingham CastleSmeetham Hall Barn Hedingham Castle - Maria Assia Photography-12Bride's wedding bouquet at The Old Rectory Country HouseSmeetham Hall Barn Hedingham Castle - Maria Assia Photography-13Smeetham Hall Barn Hedingham Castle - Maria Assia Photography-14Smeetham Hall Barn Hedingham Castle - Maria Assia Photography-16Smeetham Hall Barn Hedingham Castle - Maria Assia Photography-20Bride walking into her candle lit wedding ceremony at Hedingham CastleCandle lit Wedding ceremony at Hedingham CastleHedingham Castle candle lit Wedding ceremonyBride and Groom walking out of their candle lit Hedingham Castle Wedding ceremonyBaby smiling at the bride at her Hedingham Castle WeddingBride and groom walking through their confetti shower at Hedingham CastleBride and Groom sitting and kissing on the stairs at Hedingham CastleCreative and fun wedding photographer Maria Assia Photography at Hedingham CastleBride and groom smiling at each other in front of Hedingham CastleSmeetham Hall Barn rustic rainy weddingBride and groom arriving in their VW van at their Smeetham Hall Barn rustic rainy weddingSmeetham hall Barn rustic Wedding breakfast room settingsWedding band singing at Smeetham Hall BarnWedding guests chatting and laughing at a Smeetham Hall Barn rustic rainy weddingBride and groom walk through an autumn leaf alley at their Smeetham Hall Barn rustic rainy weddingBride and groom hugging and holding hands in front of Smeetham Hall Barn Manor houseBride and groom laughing in the rain under their umbrella at Smeetham Hall BarnBride and groom surrounded by a foggy cornfield at their Smeetham Hall Barn rustic rainy weddingBride looking past groom's shoulder at their Smeetham Hall Barn rustic rainy weddingBride wedding portrait at Smeetham Hall Barn fieldBride and groom hugging in a field with a long wedding veil trailing behind themBride and groom portraits standing at the lake at Smeetham Hall BarnWedding guests chatting and laughing informally at a rustic Smeetham Hall Barn WeddingBride and groom walking into the main hall at their Smeetham Hall Barn rustic rainy weddingBride and groom laughing at the father of the bride's speech at their Smeetham Hall Barn weddingSmeetham Hall Barn wedding Bride and groom cutting their naked wedding cakeSmeetham Hall Barn wedding first dance of the bride and groomWedding guest dancing in starburst trailing light at Smeetham Hall BarnSmeetham Hall Barn wedding guests dancing and laughingBeautiful Bridesmaid dancing through trailing light and fog at Smeetham Hall BarnBoys dancing with drinks in their hands at Smeetham Hall Barn weddingBride posing with her friends at a fun Smeetham Hall Barn weddingBride and groom creative light night shot in the rain in front of Smeetham Hall Barn

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