As a wedding photographer based in the South-East of England, I love London, and especially Warwick Avenue. The Regent’s Canal has a bit of Venice flair about it. The boats float by lazily as if every day is a Sunday. The Mewses have a quiet out-of-the-city-feel and it is a great elopement wedding shoot location.

The Regent’s Canal & Warwick Avenue

Regents’ Canal and Warwick Avenue are both versatile and gorgeous elopement or wedding photography locations. Ever since I first stepped foot here quite a few years ago, the cute nooks and crannies make me want to walk these beautiful streets over and over again.

And Gemma, James and their cute little dog Cochia agreed and this is one of my favourite Regent’s Canal Warwick Avenue elopement wedding shoots.

Even the rain, which was absolutely hammering down through large parts of it didn’t stop us, but meant that we had most of this area completely to ourselves. Not a bad thing when you’re a little camera shy. This gorgeous couple were so relaxed and look so happy in these photos. Cochia on the other hand wasn’t the biggest fan of the wind and weather. In fact because she is so ditty, the wind almost blew her away a couple of times. Nonetheless, all four of us really enjoyed our time and this Elopement wedding photoshoot.

Where are you planning for your elopement wedding shoot? Get in touch, I’d love to know.

Regent’s Canal & Warwick Avenue Elopement Wedding Shoot Favourites

Thank you Gemma and James for bravely peeling off the layers despite the weather. Here are some of my favourites:

Regent's Canal Warwick Avenue rainy elopement wedding shootCouple smiling at each other holding their dogGroom smiles at his bride on their elopementRegent's Canal couple's elopement photography shoot London couple's elopement photographercouple sit and snuggle in a london window holding their dogLondon couple's post wedding photographerLondon portrait photographyElopement couple sit under a Regent's Canal Bridge with their little dog


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