“I just don’t know how to pose! I feel so un-photogenic! I am just so awkward in photos!”

Sound familiar?

Believe me. We all feel this way. Really!

But as your wedding photographer it’s my job to make you feel at ease, to guide you into comfortable and flattering poses and to capture you at your most beautiful.

Natural expressions, stances and poses are what I’m after, and I really don’t want you to feel like you’re grinning for hours like pancake for the camera, so what you do with your hands, the way you stand and the way you interact with each other really make a difference to the photos you’ll end up with as a result.

So here is my Posing Guide with my 8 favourite tips to make you look stunning in your photos.

Posing guide to make you look great in photos

Posing guide to help you look stunning in your photos

1. If it bends, bend it

No, not like Beckham!

Sounds a bit like a cliché, I know, but for us girls bending our limbs looks more natural and feminine. While boys look better long and lean, we are naturally soft and curvy.

Bending your elbows, wrists, fingers, knees, neck and even just popping your hip ever so slightly will make you look more relaxed, slender and feminine.

Bride standing in the Dower House window ready for her Coworth Park barn summer weddingGroom and groomsmen standing in front of the white marble columns at the Hurlingham Club wedding

2. Use your hands and fingers

When in real life do we stand there with our hands just straight by our sides?

We are tactile beings and it is with our hands that we explore our surroundings and get things done. Look around you right now and I’m sure there won’t be many people not doing something with their hands! So use them.

Hold on to a rail, a wall, a tree, a bush or use them to play with your hair or to stroke your fiancé’s arm, hand or cheek. It will give you something to do and it also makes you look more relaxed and natural.

Engaged couple's hands holding on closely to a railing

3. Posture, posture, posture

A really obvious one for a posing guide, I know, but even I’m really bad for this one. Seriously. Talk about a slouching potato! But I’m working on it.

Firstly, it really is just so bad for your back. Don’t let my osteopath hear me admit it!

And secondly, man, it is just so unflattering! Slouching makes your tummy stick out, your bum sink in and your back curve. It curls in your shoulders and effectively tilts your head down into an unnatural position.

Yep… really attractive! NOT!

Standing straight on the other hand magically does the opposite. It straightens out your shoulders, lifts your head and neck, getting rid of any double chins in the process, lengthens your back and tucks in your tummy and gives your bum a nice shape too.

It’s like a 3 second diet, and you don’t even have to give up chocolate! What can be better?

So practice this one, or at least be conscious about it when you’re on camera.

Bride standing under a huge ball chandelier at The Hurlingham Club

4. Position your body

Standing straight onto the camera will make you look broader. Standing slightly or completely side on will make you look slimmer (especially if you don’t slouch). Try it in the mirror!

If you do have to stand straight on, cross your legs or ankles. It makes you look effortless and will also make your hip pop just a tiny bit, which comes back to the bending point where you avoid standing completely straight as often as possible!

Crossing your legs or ankles makes you look more slender and also works when you sit down. Bonus!

Lauren & Mathew - Smeetham Hall Barn-312

5. Snuggle

Angle your body completely towards your fiancé and snuggle into him.

It will make you look slimmer while making contact with his face or chest will look intimate and flattering to both of you.

You will also look like you actually love each other, and that’s what it’s all about after all!

Creative real wedding photography or a bride and groom just about to kiss under the bride's veil

6. To look or not to look at the camera

As a general rule of thumb, out of every 50 or so photos that I take, only 1 will be looking at the camera. That is because these photos are supposed to be about the two of you and not about me!

When you interact with each other, laugh, giggle, snuggle, kiss, the resulting photos are so much more real and meaningful. It will also help you relax if you just have fun with each other and forget that I am even there.

In 20 or 30 years you won’t care anymore about who took your photos or who you were looking at, but you will still care about your better half, about that man that looks so strong and handsome and young!

So just ignore me and have a fun date on your shoot, even if you’re bringing your very own paparazzi along 😉

Posing for the camera - Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding - Maria Assia Photography

7. The Penguin

Ever wonder why models and stars on the red carpet always put their hands on their hips?

It’s so that their upper arms don’t smush against their bodies and look ‘bigger’ than they are.

Now I’m not suggesting that you walk around with your hands on your hips for the whole shoot, in fact, please don’t!


Holding your arms just slightly away from your body will do just the same and avoid those dreaded bingo wings!

bride and groom walking through their wedding confetti

8. Double chins

Eeek! No! I hear you say.

Avoiding them is thankfully easy.

Tilt your chin either slightly down and away from your neck or a bit up.

Look up to your boy and whisper something in his ear, lean into his chest or shoulder and snuggle right in there. That’ll do the trick just as well and it’s always nice to have a cuddle.

bride and groom standing at the black door of Temple Church

Finally, enjoy it! Nothing looks better in photos than having a good time, so loosen up, let it go and trust your photographer! I am there to make you look the best you can.

And if you want some more inspiration, check out this posing guide as well as my other guides in the engagement section, like how to make the most of your engagement shoot, or drop me a line if you want to book me for your shoot or wedding.

And as always, if you like this posing guide, share it <3