Are you thinking about possible engagement shoot locations? It can be a toughie, right?

There are so many choices!

From somewhere spectacular like the Eiffel Tower, to a really busy location like London’s Southbank, to a super romantic relaxed engagement location like Bruges (aaaahhhh Bruges), to something really personal like your favourite beach, there is a ton of places that could be amazing for your photos.

And of course, they look AMAZING in your photos! And you’ll find several of these on my Photography Bucket List too, haha!

Engaged Couple lying down on the ground looking up at the camera through cherry blossoms at St Julians Club

But… you don’t always have to go as far as that to find a great location for your romantic relaxed engagement shoot.

Sometimes the best looking places that are full of really gorgeous backgrounds for photos are really close by, just down the road, over a stile or through a kissing gate.

Kent Downs romantic relaxed engagement shoot

Lauren, Mat and I found a place just like this a few minutes down the street, and just a few minutes from St Julians Club in Sevenoaks. As we walked by the houses, you wouldn’t have known that such a cool and quirky, romantic relaxed engagement shoot location overlooking St Julians Club and the beautiful Kent Downs lay just around the corner.

As soon as we climbed over the stile, the tall bushes hid the houses and the view opened up over St Julians Club to one sound and the rolling fields and gorgeous Kent Downs to the other. It felt like we were in a different world.

And even though it was the end of winter, and chilly, it was a gloriously sun-drenched world with breathtaking Kent Downs views.

Holding hands and walking along, the day slowed down and the afternoon faded into evening while we chatted and laughed. The sun set and Lauren and Mat felt like they were all alone, which is perfect when you’re going for a romantic relaxed engagement shoot.

St Julians Club and the Kent Downs are both amazing and absolutely gorgeous for your engagement shoot or perhaps you’re planning your St Julians Club or Kent Downs wedding and you’re looking for your fun photographer, give me a call <3

Couple walking through the Kent Downs in front of St Julians ClubCouple hugging in a field in front of St Julians Club overlooking the Kent DownsCouple on their St Julians Club engagement shoot overlooking the Kent Downs and three OasthousesKent Downs engagement shoot with a couple standing in front of two Oast Houses overlooking St Julians ClubEngaged Couple looking at each other in front of an Oast House overlooking St Julians Club in SevenoaksEngaged couple standing in a lit tunnel on their creative engagement shoot by creative Kent Wedding Photographer Maria Assia PhotographyCouple standing under a graffiti covered brick tunnel on their romantic relaxed engagement shootKent Downs romantic relaxed engagement shoot couple standing in a tunnel with graffittiKent Downs romantic relaxed engagement shoot couple sitting in a field of bamboo twigs by winter wedding photographer Maria Assia PhotographyCouple sitting and smiling at each other in a bunch of bamboo and twigs by Kent wedding photographer Maria Assia PhotographyCouple laughing in a bamboo field surrounded by twigs and bamboo by creative wedding photographer Maria Assia PhotographyEngaged couple standing in the woods in Sevenoaks Kent overlooking the Kent Downs and St Julians ClubCouple on their Winter engagement shoot in Sevenoaks woodsCouple on their Kent Downs romantic relaxed engagement shoot leaning together and cuddlingWinter engagement shoot by Best Film photographer Maria Assia PhotographyBride and groom lying under a cherry blossom tree looking up at the cameraCouple lying and smiling at each other surrounded by cherry blossomsRomantic relaxed engagement shoot of a couple sitting on a bench in a park in the Kent DownsKent Downs romantic relaxed engagement shoot at sunset