This morning for the first time in a long time my son didn’t wake up before the crack of dawn. My daughter did, but my son slept in.

After a little cuddle with my warm little bundle of trouble I decided to get us both dressed and start our day, while my son still caught some much needed zzzzzs. He’s just started school and is super tired from ‘all the new stuff’ he has going on.

When we were both ready I went into his room and woke him up. He’s so snoozly at this point in the day and usually likes just a little bit of physical contact before he’s ready to go. So, although at 4.5 he’s getting big and heavy, I picked him up and carried him into my bedroom to sit and cuddle before getting him up completely.

As I walked into the room, with him on my arm he looked over my shoulder and out of my window and whispered in my ear “Wow mummy! The moon is so pretty in the morning!”

I stopped and had a look outside. He was right. The moon was full and bright and it was surrounded by the most magnificent morning sky. It was pink, orange and yellow, bursting with colour and simply beautiful. One of those skies that stop you in your tracks and you just wish you could bottle it for later, when you’re tired or when you need a little pick me up.

So as he cuddled into me and my little daughter whizzed around us busily I took a minute and watched the sky change and the moon slowly fade away. It was bliss.

A few minutes later, as the madness set back in, my son and daughter pulled and shoved at each other noisily, neither of them liking to share, my son getting dressed in between roars and squeals, it occurred to me: I would have most likely missed it if my son hadn’t said anything.

Sometimes we’re so busy with the mundane things that we HAVE to do, that we miss the little things that make us HAPPY.

I wonder how many other things I will miss today because I’m so busy doing the stuff I feel I have to do? How many things will i not see, not do or not say?

How about you? How many things that you love or think beautiful will you skip or not get to do today, because of the things you have to do? When was the last time you took a minute and truly spent time with each other, rather than doing ‘stuff’ alongside each other?

Are you letting the more stressful parts of planning your wedding weigh you down? And are you missing the ones you do enjoy because you are so busy or stressed about the other ones?

Come and tell me what you think below in the comments or over on my facebook page. Let me know what is stressing you out? What would you like to do instead? Where would you rather be spending your afternoon or evening? What have you seen or done today that’s made you happy? That’s made you stop in your tracks? I want to know!

Why not take an evening off from wedding planning today and go out with your fiancé for a drink and a chat or even just stay in and cuddle on the couch with a glass of wine and a good movie? Or watch the sunset (which today will be at 6.42pm… geek… I know…) together and enjoy the quiet time you have together?

Then you’ll have all the energy to kick some wedding planning bum tomorrow and also feel less stressed as you do so. Nothing like some cuddles to make you feel better 🙂

In the meantime and for some inspiration, I hope you enjoy the image from a recent wedding of a gorgeous evening sky. <3

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Bride and groom silhouette at sunset at their Horsley Towers wedding


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