Horsley Park Wedding Photography

The first time I shot a wedding at De Vere Venues’ Horsley Park I immediately fell in love with this amazing wedding venue. And really! What’s not to love?


Horsley Park is quirky and truly unforgettable. Did you know that it was built by the same guy who built London’s iconic Houses of parliament? (That’s Charles Barry btw)


Horsley Park quirky autumn wedding venue


From the first time you come up that long drive and see the towers and then, as you walk around the property and finally, when you see the arches… Seriously! Your Horsley Park Wedding Photography can only be mind blowing!


This page is a collection of glorious photos of the venue, lots of useful tips to help you plan your wedding at Horsley Park and links to my favourite wedding galleries that will all help you make the most of your Horsley Park Wedding Photography.


Tips for your Horsley Park Wedding Photography

  • On your wedding day you get exclusive access to the grounds and all aspects of the venue for your Horsley Park Wedding Photography, so make the most of it. The lake at Horsley Park is a fabulous background for photos at any weather and well worth the walk to go to the back and get some amazing photos.


Horsley Park quirky autumn wedding venue view from the lake


  • If you can, get ready at Horsley Park. It will save so much travel time, take away some stress of wondering if you’ll be late and best of all, you’ll be able to walk down the amazing Horsley Park staircase to your ceremony and groom. That’ll look absolutely stunning in your photos.


Bride and groom at Horsley Park staircase


  • With your wedding package you also get your very own Toastmaster. Now I’ve worked with quite a few Toastmasters, but Steve Eggleton the Horsley Park Toastmaster has to be one of my personal faves. He’s fantastic at organising people and moving them where they need to be as fast as possible. So if you’d like a confetti shot (usually held at the front of the building), let him know.If you’d like a shot of everyone (usually done at the back of the building), let him know, and if you’d like certain people organised for your group shots, so they can be done as quickly as possible, you know what to do.He’s a great resource to have around for your Horsley Park Wedding Photography, so us him!


Bride and groom covered in confetti at De Vere venues Horsley Park autumn wedding


  • Definitely, definitely, definitely make time to go to the arches and the ornate little chapel at Horsley Park! If you run out of time and don’t go anywhere else for your couple photos, do go there! It is the most distinct and unique feature of Horsley Park and looks absolutely stunning. Make sure your photographer know what they’re doing in low light however, as it’s quite dim in there and a less experienced photographer might find it difficult to get the shots you want.


Bride and groom framed by Horsley Park arches


  • Make time for your photos. Really! Plan to have a good 45 mins for photos. Sounds like a lot, but the grounds are massive and if you’d like to make the most of your Horsley Park Wedding Photography, give your fabulous photographer (Hello!) plenty of time not only to get the shots but to also get you to the locations she has in mind for you. Trust them, they know where you’ll look fantastic!



bride and groom sunset portrait at their horsley Park quirky lavender autumn wedding


Horsley Park Wedding Photography Portfolio

Horsley Park is a fantastic wedding venue, but it’s also a fab engagement location. How about we plan your pre-wedding shoot here?


Bride and groom framed by Horsley Park arches

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Horsley Park Wedding Photography Faves

Every time I look at these photos it makes me long to photograph a beautiful wedding at Horsley Park again. See for yourselves – Horsley Park is truly a magnificent wedding venue.



Horsley Park Wedding Photography Video

Horsley Park Wedding Photography Offer


So you’re in love with Horsley Park as much as I am and would like your photography to be as personal and unique to you as your wedding plans? Well, let’s get you sorted!

I am currently running a Horsley Park Wedding Photography Special Offer:


Book your 2016 wedding photography with me and save 10% off your wedding photography price. Drop me a line for more information and let’s get planning your fabulous wedding photographs!


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