One of the reasons I love blogging weddings is that I get to relive the awesome memories of each occasion. Looking back through the gallery of Rike (pronounced Reeke) and Stephan’s destination wedding in Germany, has brought the biggest grin to my face!

Rike is one of my little sister’s good university friends. It was the nicest of surprises to be asked to photograph her beautiful destination wedding in Germany. I speak fluent German, so was able to really enjoy every element of the day, from getting ready with the lovely couple, to their super emotional ceremony, hilarious speeches and mega party. Getting the chance to spend some time with my sister was an additional fabulous bonus. It made this wedding all the more special for me.

Rike and Stephan both got ready at the Hotel Leugermann, which meant I was able to get images of them both. It also meant that the morning was super relaxed and wasn’t under the immense time pressure that sometimes goes hand in hand with weddings. At this lovely German wedding, it meant I was able to spend time with both bride and groom in their downtime. I loved snapping them playing the with their kids, laughing with their friends and putting the finishing touches on their reception space.

A Sunny Summer Day For a Heartfelt German Wedding

Once Rike and Stephan were in their wedding finery and looking gorgeous, I stole them away for some quick portraits. There’s nothing like a first look to give you more time with your guests later. The light at this destination wedding in Germany was beautiful and soft. I’m so pleased we managed to find some lush green space and wildflowers for these photos. Now, this is a couple who are GOOD at being wonderfully affectionate with each other. Their love was almost palpable.

The couple also spent some time with their guests before the ceremony, enjoying tea, coffee and a variety of delicious cakes. Check out the mega heart-shaped wedding cake stuffed with strawberries, yum! Talk about Breaking the Mould. I also had a big soft spot for their book-shaped cake, the icing on which read ‘Reading is breathing for the soul’. It went perfectly with their book theme for their wedding. And I couldn’t agree more!

Then it was time for the wedding ceremony. Both Rike and Stephan got pretty emotional during this part of their day, and looking out into the congregation there were not many dry eyes left! Their little son was their ring bearer and he performed his job with the greatest smile. After such a joyous and heartfelt wedding day, it was time to let loose on the dance floor. These guys didn’t disappoint. Impressive shape throwing from adults and kids alike. And have I mentioned the conga line? Stephan and Rike, I like your style!

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Heartfelt Destination Wedding in Germany Favourites

Bride and groom walking and laughing at their Heartfelt Destination Wedding in Germany | Maria Assia Photography Bride smiling as she gets readyDocumentary Wedding Photography by Maria Assia Photography of the bride and groom greeting their wedding guestsBride and groom looking at each other before they enter their wedding reception Bride's make up being done Groom whispering in the bride's ear in a booth at their Heartfelt Destination Wedding in Germany | Maria Assia Photography Maid of honour hugging the bride Kids spinning fidget spinners at a Heartfelt Destination Wedding in Germany | Maria Assia Photography Sunlit wedding dress hanging in a rose arch a huge strawberry wedding cake at a Destination Wedding in Germany | Maria Assia Photography Groom getting ready looking at himself in the mirror Bride's mum helping her put on her wedding dress A wedding guest admiring the bride's wedding dress A child standing under a low roof at a wedding girl playing with a waterfallkid chasing bubbles Groom tearing up at the bride's speech | Documentary wedding photography by Maria Assia Photography Bride and groom's First dance at their Heartfelt Destination Wedding in Germany | Maria Assia Photography Bride, Groom and their wedding guests dancing the conga Documentary Wedding Photography by Maria Assia Photography Bride and groom sharing a moment at their destination wedding in Germany Wedding guests playing LudoGroom dancing with his mother surrounded by wedding guests in a black and white silhouette Bride and Groom's son handing them their wedding rings | Documentary Wedding Photography by Maria Assia Wedding guests tearing up at a Heartfelt Destination Wedding in Germany Bride and Groom laughing at the father of the bride's speech Wedding guests dancingBride and groom snuggling at their German destination wedding Bride and Groom standing in in front of a sunset sky at their Heartfelt Destination Wedding in Germany | Maria Assia Photography


absolutely beautiful images. What a great wedding, with lovely people. That strawberry cake looks fantastic!

Beautiful work Maria – love it!!!

So many moments there Maria!! Wonderful work (and I could dive into that cake!!)

Super duper. Lovely work Maria.

That strawberry cake, Wow!! Lovely set of pictures Maria. I love the bride’s expression as the dress is going on.

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