Great Fosters: Getting ready here vs somewhere else


If you’re planning your Great Fosters wedding and you’re wondering if you should also be getting ready here or have your bridal prep somewhere else and then come here for your wedding, take a look at my tips on what you can expect from Great Fosters as your bridal prep location.


Great Fosters in the heart of Surrey is truly one of the most romantic wedding venues in the South East of the UK. Set amongst 50 acres of stunning gardens and parkland in Egham, it offers a stunning setting for a wedding, civil ceremony or civil partnership.


Coming up the drive, it’s easy to imagine how beautiful Great Fosters and the surrounding areas would look driving up in a vintage wedding car or even a horse-drawn carriage, so it’s easy to see why you might decide that you’d like to be getting ready at your home or somewhere else rather than here, but there are definitely huge upsides to getting ready at Great Fosters instead.


Great Fosters’ bridal suite is roomy with a walk in wardrobe the size of a separate room to store all the ‘stuff’ that you might be bringing with you in preparation for your wedding so that it doesn’t clutter up the suite itself.


Your home or a hotel room somewhere close by might be easier or less costly, but can it provide the same luxurious feel and space?


And let’s not forget that you can hang up your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses so they won’t wrinkle before your day. And considering how many weddings I’ve photographed where bridesmaids end up steaming dresses to get the wrinkles out, this has to be a big pro in any bride’s book.



It’s also really bright with large, gorgeous windows that are both great for your photography while you’re getting ready as well as for some beautiful full body portraits when you’re all dressed in your dress and look absolutely stunning!


The huge windows also mean that you’ll have plenty of light for your getting ready shots when the weather isn’t at its best, say for an autumn or winter wedding. And unless you are the daughter of a Lord, your home probably doesn’t have windows quite so large, so your photos will most likely be a little darker and less flattering.



Great Fosters bridal suite windows also double up as the ‘ledge’ from which your photographer (Hello!) can take a photo of all of your guests for an ‘everybody’ group shot. Bonus!


The other pros include that while you’re getting ready, your photographer can use the amazing features of Great Fosters to capture your beautiful details, such as your dress, your flowers and shoes and of course your wedding rings.


How gorgeous will those look in your wedding album!


Finally when you and your bridesmaids are all finished getting ready and you’re the most nervous and excited, you’ll walk along the gallery and down the majestic steps with your dad towards your wedding ceremony, which will look simply amazing in your photos.


And that is why Great Fosters is such a wonderful location for you to be getting ready at!


Bride getting ready at Great Fosters bridal prep suiteBride and bridesmaids getting ready at Great FostersGorgeous bride in her wedding dress getting ready in the Great Fosters bridal suiteWedding dress hanging in a window at Great Fosters gallery and staircaseBride's tiara at Great Fosters weddingBridal bouquet lying on the steps at Great FostersBride's shoes at Great Fosters as she's getting ready in the Bridal prep


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