Destination pre-wedding shoots and weddings are always exciting. They often offer a very different look and feel, different impulses and impressions, not to mention the adventure of travel. As a Destination wedding photographer I love the beautiful destinations that engagements, elopements, or wedding shoots take me to. Lucky for me, this Autumn Copenhagen pre-wedding shoot took me one of my favourite place in the world.

Danish Couple kissing on a lake in front of the Copenhagen skyline

A favourite destination at a gorgeous time of year

It’s a little known fact that I used to live in Copenhagen for a few years. Almost as soon as I moved there, I fell in love with the city, the vibe, the people, and the space. Although it’s a small Capital City in the great scheme of things, Copenhagen feels grand, has exquisite architecture, huge alleys and beautiful green spaces. But it also has a real fun side and has a feeling of freedom and intimacy about it. I couldn’t wait to reflect these in this hilarious Autumn Copenhagen pre-wedding shoot.

Engaged Couple kissing on their Copenhagen pre-wedding shoot

I have to admit, I love these guys. They are lovely people, great friends and they crack me up. They pulled faces at each other, danced on the bridge, and just goofed around for an hour or so. What could be more fun? It was one of the easiest pre-wedding shoots for me to capture, but also one of the most natural, authentic and unposed.

Søren & Lise Mia engagement shootCouple on their Copenhagen Pre-wedding shoot laughing at each other

We went to Ørstedsparken close to Nørreport station in the heart of Copenhagen, and the golden and orange colours of autumn took my breath away. The seasons in Copenhagen are so pretty, even if a little chilly, and they are just begging to be photographed.

A couple hugging through autumn leaves on their Copenhagen pre-wedding shootAutumn Copenhagen pre-wedding shootSøren & Lise Mia engaged in DenmarkSøren & Lise Mia tendernessEngaged couple holding hands in a hug at Ørsteds Park in Copenhagen

After a short walk we headed to the playground, because who says that only young kids are allowed to play? These are some of my favourite moments of the two. I can’t help but love the laughter and the easy, natural fun.

An engaged couple having natural unposed fun at their Copenhagen pre-wedding shootEngaged couple smiling at each other sitting on the benches at Ørsteds ParkEngaged couple playing on the swings at their Ørsteds Park Copenhagen pre-wedding shoot

So if you’ve got the Travelbug, and want to head to Copenhagen or anywhere else for that matter for your wedding or engagement shoot, definitely check out my photography bucket list for some inspiration, and then give me a shout, ’cause we both know we’re a match made in heaven.


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