The other side of the lens – a rare treat for this female wedding photographer


Being a female wedding photographer, it’s rare for me to find myself on the other side of the lens and to be honest I don’t feel that at home there, so I was very excited to do a fine art portrait photography session with my very talented friend and colleague Tracey Hosey. I am always curious to see how other photographers work, set up a shot and pose their subjects, and experiencing it from such a personal viewpoint and seeing the results makes the whole thing that much more interesting.

Creating fine art portraits


As a photographer, and especially as a female wedding photographer, I often have a more intimate approach and vision of my brides and grooms and I love the challenge of capturing their fine art portraits that truly reflect their personality. Sometimes it is the way I set up or frame the shot and often it is the bride or groom’s expression, be it when they are serious or laughing.


I love the composition and colours of this shot and am really chuffed with how good Tracey has made me look. Apart from that though, what I also very much like is how Tracey has really managed to capture me and my personality in this one single photograph. Even if you don’t know me, you’ll probably be able to understand a little something about the kind of person that I am. That’s what good photography is all about after all.


A truly awesome job Tracey. Thank you very much xx

Female wedding photographer, Creative wedding photographer


Great you’re happy with the photo Maria. You’re so right about being on the other end of the camera. It is quite the experience! x

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