Family photographer Sevenoaks newborn shoot feet of parents and baby at the end of the bed


I feel so fortunate as a Family Photographer in Sevenoaks


As a Family Photographer in Sevenoaks, Kent, I am very fortunate to be able to photograph newborn shoots with couples and their new arrivals just days after they have been born.


It is a very special time in a couple’s life. The new parents are full of wonder, adjusting to their new lives and just getting used to their new little bundle, while the newborn baby is teensie tiny, very sleepy, soooo so squishy and cute as a button. I usually try to capture these precious moments within the first 10 days of a new baby’s life, because at this point they still sleep through the majority of the newborn shoot and are easily coaxed into beautiful ‘new baby’ positions.


Capturing Oscar’s newborn shoot


I first met Martina and Philip a few years ago, when they were looking for a wedding photographer to capture their beautiful Austrian Wedding in Mattsee. Their wedding is still one of my favourites and so I was delighted when Martina contacted me late last year to capture their baby bump  shoot too. She looked so beautiful and her and Philip’s anticipation of their baby’s arrival was really touching. After that the waiting began, and just a few weeks ago, little Oscar was finally born. A week after his arrival I visited Martina and Philip and their tiny little Oscar and completely fell in love with this little guy.


His tiny toes, nose, ears and fingers, the pursed lips and little tufts of hair are just lovely. The cute little faces that he pulls melt my heart and make me so grateful that I am a Family Photographer in Sevenoaks and that I do what I do. I was even lucky enough to capture a tiny little smile at the end of our shoot. Cute doesn’t even cover it!


I love being a Family Photographer in Sevenoaks just as much as I love capturing weddings, and baby bump and newborn shoots are some of my very favourites.


Please meet Oscar through my images and please drop me a line if you are thinking of hiring a Family Photographer in Sevenoaks for your own family, baby bump or newborn shoot.


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