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Eynsford Castle – a hidden gem

Eynsford Castle is a little known 11th century ruin, hidden away from the bustle in the Kentish village of Eynsford. Not much is left today of what once must have been a very striking and impressive castle, but it’s a great place to come for a picnic, for a maternity shoot, with your kids, or for an engagement shoot. That is exactly what Verity and Chris thought when we spoke about possible locations and decided to have the bulk of their pre-wedding engagement photo shoot at Eynsford Castle.


We lucked out with the weather and after a nice chat and a hot cup of tea (I’m always up for a hot cuppa and a natter) at the close by pub we went for a walk. First we headed up into one of the nearby fields overlooking the Kentish countryside and the Eynsford viaduct. Then we made our way to Eynsford Castle and had a great time discovering the ruin and joking around.

Verity and Chris


Chris is a children’s entertainer by profession and I can see that he is a good one. Rarely have I laughed quite so much and I can imagine him being a fantastic daddy to Verity and Chris’ little daughter. Verity of course is absolutely lovely and we even managed to sneak in a little chat about her wedding dress while Chris just stepped away for a minute. Ooooo, it promises to be absolutely stunning! Chris, if you’re reading this – it’s a sack of potatoes! Yep! I’m not fibbing. Not even a little. 😉


The only thing I can say now is roll on the wedding day. I cannot wait to spend more time with these two and their little squishie and to see all of the plans for their day come to fruition!


In the meantime enjoy a few of my favourite frames from their Eynsford Castle pre-wedding engagement photo shoot.

Eynsford road sign in KentVerity & Chris - Eynsford Castle - Maria Assia Photography-5Verity an Chris standing in Eynsford fieldVerity & Chris - Eynsford Castle - Maria Assia Photography-9Engaged couple standing under a treea Couple standing in a narrow walkway in KentVerity & Chris - Eynsford Castle - Maria Assia Photography-13Verity & Chris - Eynsford Castle - Maria Assia Photography-21Eynsford Castle engagement photo shootVerity & Chris - Eynsford Castle - Maria Assia Photography-24Eynsford Castle engagement shootChris laughing at Eynsford CastleVerity & Chris - Eynsford Castle - Maria Assia Photography-30Engaged couple at Kent's Eynsford CastleVerity and Chris standing in Eynsford Castle in Kent


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