Engagement shoots

So you’re engaged and getting married. Whoop! Whoop!


You’re doing your planning. There’s so many things to think about. Some things are fun and some perhaps not so much.


And then whether it’s included in your wedding package or not, you start thinking about your engagement shoot. Should you have one? Why? Isn’t it just an American thing?


The idea of posing for the camera in a public and sometimes even crowd-filled place sounds cheesy and maybe even a little embarrassing. You might feel that you’re unphotogenic, that you’re awkward as soon as a camera lens is pointed at you, or that you just don’t look good in photos together?




Why should you have an engagement shoot?


Ok, so it’s true. The habit of having a pre-wedding shoot in preparation for your wedding photography does originate in the US. BUT…


There’s a reason why engagement shoots are getting increasingly popular with couples everywhere. Ok, maybe even a few.


Having an engagement shoot does get you out of your comfort zone, but I promise, 10 minutes into your pre-wedding shoot you’ll get used to it and relax and even (dare I say it) enjoy it by the end of it.


You’ll spend an hour or so walking, holding hands, chatting, cuddling and kissing. There’s really not much more to it than that. You’ll also be used to being in front of the camera, be comfortable with the way your photographer communicates with you, what they look for in terms of backgrounds, locations or light; how they position you and how long taking photos of you as a couple actually takes.


At the end of it, you will have had a date with your favourite person, without distractions of phones, computers, work, wedding planning or just life in general and after a couple of weeks, you will also receive a nice little set of photographs.


 Your engagement shoot is the dry run for your couple session on your wedding day.

Call it the rehearsal dinner of your wedding photography.


Sounds cheesy, right?


But this is where the skill of your fabulous photographer (yup, that’s me 🙂 ) comes into it. If you’ve chosen your photographer well (and if you’ve had a look through my photographs and you’re thinking about booking me or you already have, then you know you have) then your photographer will capture you looking relaxed, happy and like you’re having a good time.


As your wedding photographer I’ll seek out the best ‘poses’ to direct you into that still look natural, real and relaxed.


I’ll find the best angles to photograph you at, so that on your day your photos are flattering and gorgeous.


I can’t make you have an engagement shoot.


It’s absolutely your choice.


But I think the most important reason to have a pre-wedding shoot is because it builds trust between us as we get to know each other better.


The more I know you and the more you trust me and are willing to do, the better, more unique and beautiful your final set of wedding images will be.


It really is as simple as that.


So is that it then? Is there stuff I should bring or do in preparation of our engagement shoot?


On this page you’ll find lots of tips for your pre-wedding shoot and how to make the most of it. I also share previous engagement shoots with you if you’re looking for inspiration.


Engagement shoot tips



Engagement shoot favourites


Pre-wedding shoot portfolio



If you’re ready to book your pre-wedding shoot or you have questions about your engagement shoot, get in touch and let’s get you booked in!