When planning a wedding (and, yes, sometimes when photographing one too) it can be easy to get swept away by the details. The dress, the flowers, the favours and the dozens of little Pinterest-worthy touches. But it’s always incredibly special to see a bride and groom so in love that everything else just falls away. Jasmin and Andy’s emotional Nonsuch Mansion wedding was full to the brim with love.

Don’t get me wrong, they had all the lovely touches too – just wait ’til you see the place settings and their musical take on a guest book! But what I will remember from the day is the way this couple looked at each other, and how obviously head over heels for each other they are.

The weather gods weren’t smiling on this wedding, but Nonsuch Mansion is such a gorgeous venue that it was a case of no sunshine, no problem. I loved the elegant details of the ceremony and reception rooms and had a serious swoon over the gold flocked wallpaper – so ornate and beautiful! The ceremony was full of smiles, and not a few tears – perhaps not from whom you’d expect! When the registrar pronounced them husband and wife, Andy needed a hankie for a bit of weeping and a not-very-surreptitious nose blow before he was able to kiss his new wife. It was really quite sweet, and made everyone laugh – especially Jasmin.

Then, after a burst of indoor confetti (damn you, rain clouds!) it was on to the reception, and some of the most original place settings I’ve seen. Along with the menus, each guest had an individual quote or bit of dialogue from one of the couple’s favourite films – from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory to Harold and Maude. So simple, but personal, quirky and the perfect fit for this wedding.

We finally got a break in the clouds to steal Jasmin and Andy away for some couple shots in the stunning grounds of Nonsuch Mansion. The love in these images just leaps out at you and socks you in the face (in a nice way!). Jasmin and Andy couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.

When the party got going, later in the evening, the guests really let loose. There were some pretty serious shapes going on on the dancefloor, and I loved that Jasmin hit the DJ booth for a song or two. Their awwwwesomecurls DJ Mitch had the party rocking all night!

Are you looking for documentary storytelling wedding pictures that have JOY written all over them? Or are you planning your very own Nonsuch Mansion Wedding?

Get in touch and let’s have a chinwag, I’d love to hear about all the tissues YOUR man is going to need. 😉


Emotional Nonsuch Mansion Wedding Favourites

An exterior shot of Nonsuch Mansion with grey clouds gathering Jasmin and Andy's gift and card table, with instructions spelled out in Scrabble tiles and large J & A scrabble tiles on the wall behind it A framed instruction for guests - Sign Our Guitar! - shows Jasmin and Andy's musical take on a guestbook A pale blue guitar serves as the couple's guestbook. A view into the empty ceremony room at Nonsuch Mansion, with a large floor-to-ceiling bay window and chandelier with pink and gold details. Jasmin's dress hangs from a chandelier on the morning of her emotional Nonsuch Mansion wedding A close up shot of the lace detailing at the bottom of the wedding dress Jasmin's bridal bouquet - featuring anemones and cream and orange roses, and tied with colourful silk ribbon Bride's make up being applied with a window reflection across her faceJasmin's make-up artist applies eyeliner to complete her bridal look A groomsman fastens Andy's buttonhole to his navy suit Jasmin fastens her earring as she gets ready for her emotional Nonsuch Mansion wedding Jasmin smiles while reading a message from her groom as two of her bridesmaids look on The bride descends the staircase to the ceremony room at Nonsuch Mansion A shot through the door as bride Jasmin crosses to enter the ceremony room with her father. She wears a lace dress and carries a bouquet tied with colourful ribbons The bridesmaids walk down the aisle, carrying posies and wearing dresses in gold and pale pink Andy watches as his bride walks down the aisle towards him, with a stained glass window behind her. Jasmin kisses her father on the cheek as her groom looks on A close up of the wedding rings, which are carried inside a book with hearts cut into the pages Jasmin and Andy hold hands and face each other as they prepare to say their vows. The couple and the congregation laugh, as Jasmin puts a ring on Andy's finger. A pink floral arrangement is in soft focus in the foreground. An emotional Andy blows his nose sheepishly, while his new bride bursts out laughing The newlyweds kiss as they are pronounced husband and wife. The registrar hands Jasmin the marriage certificate as the couple are seated to sign the register The newly married Andy and Jasmin kiss in front of the floor to ceiling windows of the ceremony room, while their guests stand and applaud The couple emerge from the ceremony room in a shower of petal confetti Jasmin looks lovingly at Andy as they walk through their guests and confetti is thrown A close up of some of the mini canape cones, served on a red tray A female guest in a navy blue floral dress laughs at a story being told as the guests mingle after the ceremony Two guests in bright floral dresses chat to the bride A steel band plays, wearing Hawaiian shirts and red, white and blue flower garlands The couple go outside for their couple's portraits. Here, they are pictured through the branches of a blossom tree, looking lovingly at each other with confetti petals in their hair. The couple walk down a path in the grounds of Nonsuch Mansion. Jasmin's dress spreads out behind her in a lace train, and Andy holds a white parasol over their heads A bridal portait of Jasmin, turning to smile at the camera with her dress spread out in a fan behind her The couple stand with their foreheads touching, under an iron pergola with pale green foliage climbing up it A black and white close up of the newlyweds smiling adoringly at each other A shot looking up from the ground, and focusing on the bridal bouquet of anemones and roses, tied with pale pink, sage green and peach silk ribbonA shot through the door of the reception room showing the round tables decorated with candelabras and tall peach and cream floral arrangements A close up of one of the film-themed table centres - showing Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka - and a note explaining that the couple have donated to Comic Relief in lieu of giving favours A close up of one of the place settings, complete with fern A close up shot of a guest's place setting, showing an individual film quotation - this one is from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory The film-themed table plan is displayed on an easel. Tables are named after Up, Annie Hall, Jurassic Park, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Harold and Maude, Star Wars, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Wedding Crashers, When Harry Met Sally and Back to the Future A shot of seated guests laughing together A shot looking in from outside the window, behind Jasmin and Andy seated at the top table The semi-naked cake, with different flavoured sponge on each tier. It is decorated with beautiful fresh flowers. A close up of the rosebuds adorning the cake Guests at the top table caught in fits of laughter during the speeches A close up of one of the guests laughing and applauding A bridesmaid in a gold dress wipes her eyes with a napkin as things get emotional A female guest wipes her eyes with laughter during the speeches A young guest spots his photo being taken and looks cheekily into the camera A heart made up of polaroids of the couple is on display next to the blue guitar guest book, now covered in signatures Fairylights cascade down the windows as Jasmin and Andy cut their cake. A black and white shot taken during the couple's first dance, both are shown bursting out laughing as they take to the floor A black and white shot of the couple holding each other close during their first dance The couple show off their moves on the dancefloor as guests look on and take photos A guest is VERY EXCITED at the prospect of DJing as the party gets going. One of the bridesmaids dances with one of the groomsmen as the floor fills up A heavily pregnant bridesmaid in a pink lace dress rocks out on the dancefloor A group of guests pose for a selfie on the dancefloor The bride plays DJ! Jasmin stands in the booth with headphones on, underneath a mirror ball. A black and white shot of the couple sitting together and relaxing in a high backed armchair at the end of the night


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