Do you know what goes really well together and just oozes beauty and luxury? Red wedding shoes, and white lace. And a red Tartan kilt too. They really do. And this Elvetham Hotel Kilts White Lace and Red Pumps Luxury Wedding proves it.

How fabulous are Elisabeth’s shoes? How unique is her triangular train? I love how relaxed both the boys and the girls were in the morning. But then, what is there to worry about when you’re about to marry your best friend?

On a gloriously crisp morning Oliver and Elisabeth both prepared for their day. And it wasn’t just any day, or any wedding. So far, Elisabeth and Oliver have not only lived in different countries but on different continents and getting married means that they can finally live together in the same place. Vive la globalisation!

How romantic!

And so it’s not surprising that they were just bursting with happiness and laughter. Their emotional ceremony had everyone in tears and their speeches had everyone bursting with laughter. So many emotions! Just as a wedding should be.

And then, at the end of this Elvetham Hotel Kilts White Lace and Red Pumps Luxury Wedding let’s not forget the PAAAAARTYYYY! (Did I mention that I love this bit, haha!)

Lots of loud-sing-along-dancing. Tons of hip-swinging-and-finger-pointing. Lots of fun.

It. Was. Great.

And the Elvetham Hotel?

The grounds are expansive and beautifully taken care of and so is the Elvetham Hotel. As you drive up the long and luscious drive up to the Elvetham Hotel, you can feel the worries drift away with every inch that you come closer and you can see yourself taking leisurely walks around the grounds. Then you come to the Elvetham Hotel itself and are greeted with small quirky details, from painted ceilings to gargoyles on the staircase. The staircase itself pulls the visitor in and up to admire the beautiful stained glass windows that throw coloured light onto the ground below.

Walking further, you see grandiose fireplaces, low light seating areas and a glass conservatory that is as great for enjoying the late afternoon sunset, as it is the perfect stage for a wedding band.

I for one can’t wait to go back here and photograph a wedding at the Elvetham Hotel again, be it a Kilts White Lace and Red Pumps Luxury Wedding, or a down to earth flowery hippie affair. Or how about a Nordic and deep greens inspired wedding? You name it, then get in touch, and I’ll be there.

And for now, here are some of my favourites from Elisabeth and Oliver’s fabulous wedding.

Elvetham Hotel Kilts White Lace and Red Pumps Luxury Wedding Favourites

elvetham-hotel-wedding-2The Elvetham Hotel Wedding VenueElvetham Hotel Kilts White Lace and Red Pumps Luxury Weddingelvetham-hotel-wedding-15elvetham-hotel-wedding-27elvetham-hotel-wedding-51elvetham-hotel-wedding-102elvetham-hotel-wedding-165Elvetham Hotel Chinese warrior holding the bride's bouquet Elvetham Hotel bride's make up being doneRed wedding shoes of the bride at the Elvetham Hotelelvetham-hotel-wedding-177elvetham-hotel-wedding-175elvetham-hotel-wedding-180elvetham-hotel-wedding-187Bride walking down the aisle at her Elvetham Hotel wedding ceremonyelvetham-hotel-wedding-233elvetham-hotel-wedding-241elvetham-hotel-wedding-260Bride and groom sitting in the Elvetham Hotel stained glass windowelvetham-hotel-wedding-285Elvetham Hotel Bride and Groom walking through wedding confettielvetham-hotel-wedding-294elvetham-hotel-wedding-320Bride laughing with her bridesmaidselvetham-hotel-wedding-348elvetham-hotel-wedding-349bride and groom hugging and smiling at their Elvetham Hotel Kilts White Lace and Red Pumps Luxury Weddingelvetham-hotel-wedding-359elvetham-hotel-wedding-362Bride and groom hugging at their Elvetham Hotel Kilts White Lace and Red Pumps Luxury Weddingelvetham-hotel-wedding-376elvetham-hotel-wedding-381Elvetham Hotel Kilts White Lace and Red Pumps Luxury Weddingred bridal wedding shoes at the elvetham hotelBride and groom relaxing on a bench at the Elvetham Hotelelvetham-hotel-wedding-401elvetham-hotel-wedding-404Bride and groom smiling at each other at their Elvetham Hotel Kilts White Lace and Red Pumps Luxury WeddingBride and groom walking through the Elvetham Hotel groundselvetham-hotel-wedding-449elvetham-hotel-wedding-496elvetham-hotel-wedding-501elvetham-hotel-wedding-537elvetham-hotel-wedding-543elvetham-hotel-wedding-591Bride and groom sitting in lamp light at the Elvetham Hotelelvetham-hotel-wedding-557elvetham-hotel-wedding-584Bride and groom singing and dancing at the Elvetham HotelWedding guests dancing at the Elvetham HotelElvetham Hotel at Night


Really lovely work Maria. Love those shoes!!

Love a kilt…super work Maria!

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