Dinosaurs, Laughter & an epic Party for a Joyful Cambridge Farm Marquee Wedding

OK, let me ask you something. When was the last time you saw a giant dinosaur walking nonchalantly down the aisle carrying a basket of flower petals at a wedding ceremony? This stroke of GENIUS is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lucy and Ben’s Joyful Cambridge Farm Marquee Wedding. After travelling to the Arctic circle for their epic northern lights engagement shoot, I’d been looking forward to their big day like a kid on Christmas Eve, and it was fantabulous. Beautiful, bonkers and bursting with love, this has to be one of my favourite weddings of all time!

Dinosaur flower girl waiting outside the church

Joyful Cambridge Farm Marquee Wedding

Where do I even start with telling the story of this joyful Cambridge farm marquee wedding?

When Ben, Lucy and I first chatted, apart from the usual questions, they really wanted to know one thing. Would I have a drink with them at their wedding.

You might think, WHAT? I don’t want a drunk photographer at my wedding!

But their question wasn’t really about the drink nor about whether I drink when I’m at a wedding. What Ben and Lucy really wanted to know was how long I actually stay when I say that I stay well into the party, and if I am an outsider to the party, or if I will get stuck in and celebrate one of the most important events in their life with them. In other words, would I be ‘just’ another supplier on their day, or would we be friends.

I’m sure you can imagine which way that particular cookie crumbles for me and I was thrilled when they decided to booked me.

When finally their day came along, I couldn’t wait to get there and see where the celebrations would take us. And how awesome was this wedding!

The Details

Let’s start with Lucy’s wedding cape. Yeas, you read that right – a cape. She didn’t want a veil to hold her back, to get caught on stuff, or to have it blow all over the place, but still wanted a beautiful lacy element to her outfit. That’s why she chose a super cool wedding cape instead.

Then, after a dinosaur and giggle-filled ceremony, the reception was held on Ben’s mum’s farm, and there was a ton of entertainment to keep guests occupied. A magician and silhouette artist wowed guests and made for some brilliant reactions. There was a wonderfully simple ‘gateway to the meadows’ (i.e doorframe in the middle of a field) that served as an impromptu photo booth, and a roving string quartet that kept the music flowing as guests mingled. And let’s not forget the sheep. Which party would be complete without one of those?

This wedding was just bursting with candid unposed moments and gorgeously happy people grinning and guffawing all throughout the day and even the group shots were just great fun. It was a documentary photographer’s treat.

Let’s talk about the Dinosaurs

Time to touch on the elephant…well…T-rex in the room. I remember plotting the dinosaur with Lucy on our pre-wedding call, making sure that Ben didn’t hear us, so that it would be a surprise. And what a surprise it was. HA! Yep, Lucy surprised Ben with an extra ‘flower girl’ for their church ceremony. This one rocked an enormous inflatable T-rex outfit and a tiny basket with flower petals. I mean, talk about hilarious epicness.

She walked down the aisle and more and more guests started to laugh. Ben turned back to have a look at what was happening and just exploded into laughter. It was hysterically funny, and had the whole church in stitches. Definitely the funniest start to a ceremony I’ve ever seen, with proper belly laughs from everyone, including the vicar who was a family friend and who also kept Lucy’s secret from Ben throughout the planning process. See if you can spot the moment Ben clocks the dinosaur in the gallery below. Very hard not to get camera shake while laughing uncontrollably, let me tell you!

Lucy and Ben continued the dinosaurs throughout their wedding theme and decor. They used little gold dinosaurs as favours on the tables, as part of the centrepieces, and T-rex models adorned with flowers on their gift and card table and their glitter station. Of course this wedding had a glitter station, which everyone hit HARD in the evening. So many shiny, sparkly people on the dance floor. The amazing band, Swagger, knew just how to get everyone up and moving, and people really let loose and had fun. Boys vs Girls dance off? Check. Dirty Dancing lifts? Check. Crowdsurfing. Yes. Bride doing the worm. Totally.

There’s really only one word that describes this wedding adequately. It was simply phenomenal.

Dinosaurs & Laughter for a Joyful Cambridge Farm Marquee Wedding Highlights

It was incredibly hard to choose, and you can see some of my absolute favourites from this crazy amazing day below, but if you would like to see more and have a few minutes, be sure to check out their glorious Slideshow here.

Joyful Cambridge Farm Marquee Wedding Favourites

If you’re planning a wedding that’s full to the brim with fun and laughter, and want photographs that capture the glee and silliness as well as the romance and emotion, then we should talk. Get in touch, because I want to hear all about your incredible wedding plans.

Bride doing the worm on the dance floor at her joyful cambridge farm marquee weddingBride and Groom rub noses in a field at their Cambridge Farm WeddingFun group shot of the bride and groom bridesmaids and groomsmen Bride putting on her wedding dress and wedding cape Bride and her dad hugging tightly Bridesmaids cheering as they see the bride in her dress Bridesmaid tearing up as she sees the bride in her wedding dress Dinosaur flower girl walking down the aisle after the vicar Groom laughing a belly laugh at the top of the aisle Bride and Groom smile at each other at the top of the aisle Bride and Groom kiss at their Cambridge Church ceremony Bridesmaids smile emotionally at the end of the wedding ceremony Bride and Groom laugh and guffaw as they walk through a confetti shower Bride and Groom wave at their guests as they drive away from their ceremony in their wedding car Bride and Groom laughing as they drive away from their Cambridge wedding ceremony Bride and Groom walking into a corn field at their Joyful Cambridge Farm Wedding Bride and groom holding hands in a corn field at their joyful Cambridge Wedding Groom lovingly looking at the bride as her veil blows across the fieldWedding guests greeting the couple arriving in their wedding car Wedding guest tightly hugging the groom Bridesmaids cheering the groomBride blowing bubbles with a tiny wedding guest Roving string quartet entertaining wedding guests at a Cambridge Farm Wedding unposed fun natural wedding group shot Wedding guests chatting and smiling at a Cambridge Marquee Wedding Groom reaching out to the bride during his wedding speech Mother of the groom cheering with her hand up during her wedding speech Wedding guests cheering during the wedding speeches Bridesmaid guffawing during a wedding speech Groom pulling an embarrassed face during his mums speech Mother of the bride wiping tears away during the wedding speeches Little boy wedding guest drinking from a beer bottle during the wedding speechesWedding guests laughing guffawing at a magic trick by the wedding magician Bride tightly hugging a wedding guest Bride laughing sitting on a sheep framed by a doorframe in a field surrounded by her bridesmaids unposed natural fun group shot at a joyful cambridge farm marquee wedding Bride and groom first dance at their joyful cambridge farm marquee wedding Dinosaurs, Laughter & an epic party for a Joyful Cambridge Farm Marquee Wedding Groom lifting the bride in a Dirty Dancing lift during their first dance Wedding guests dancing singing loudly at a joyful Cambridge wedding Wedding guests dancing with a girl being flipped over Wedding guests biting down on both sides of a hot dog Groom and groomsmen drinking beer on the dance floorbride and bridesmaids singing loudly at a Cambridge Farm Marquee Wedding Wedding guest breakdancing Wedding guest doing the split on the dance floor Wedding guest drinking straight from a tap Wedding guests dancing at a cambridge farm marquee wedding Groom drinking from 2 wine bottles with guests cheering on at his Cambridge Farm Marquee Wedding Wedding guests pile up on the dance floor at a cambridge farm marquee wedding Groom crowdsurfing held up by lots of hands Bride and Groom silhouettes dancing their first dance

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What an awesome wedding! So many amazing moments and you got so close to the action too! The group photos are another level!!! Your photos are always a pleasure to look at!

Thanks so much Soven. It’s lovely to have you here xx

Fab wedding Maria, looked like a great party!

Thanks mate. I could have shot it all night, there was so much going on!

WHAT A PARTY!!! This looks like a super fun and emotional wedding. Awesome job!

Thanks so much Ash. It was on another level!

Wow – super fun wedding and the party looked crazy cool. Great group of people. You nailed it!

Thanks so much Ene. It really was so much fun!

These are all absolutely superb! Top work Maria.

Thanks mate. I really appreciate the kind words

So many smile all captured perfectly. Looks like it was such a fun day

Wow! That looks like such a fun wedding to capture! Love the dinosaur flower girl. Such a nice surprise for the groom!

Thanks Andy. It was equally crazy and brilliant.

WOW what a cool wedding! Love those dance floor shots too!

Thanks so much Anna. It was one of my favourites for a looooong mile

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