Watching two people in love is one of my absolute favourite parts about being a wedding photographer. You know that Roald Dahl quote: ‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’? Sorayya and Usman fit that to a T. They were so relaxed and smitten with each other, and so was I with their Colourful Muslim Fulham Palace Wedding

A Peach Gown For A Beautiful Bride

Can we just take a minute to talk about Sorayya and how ridiculously stunning she looked in her peach gown?! In fact, she was featured in Huffington Post as one of their most beautiful brides – deservedly so as I’m sure you’ll agree! Her elaborately detailed bangles matched the embroidery on her dress, and she had simply gorgeous and delicate henna on her hands and feet.

Usman scrubbed up very nicely too in deep purple crushed velvet. He and his family arrived to the ceremony of his Colourful Muslim Fulham Palace Wedding on foot. The ceremony, or Nikkah, was emotional and beautiful. It was particularly special to see Usman’s mum there – she’d been unwell and in hospital, and the couple were unsure whether she would be able to attend. Although she could only stay for the ceremony it meant so much to Sorayya and especially Usman that they could share those moments.

I’m not gonna lie, the confetti shot can be a pretty tense moment for a photographer. Timing is everything! Thankfully, Sorayya and Usman made it easy for me with bucketloads of beautiful natural petals. I think these are some of my favourite images of the day. Why don’t you have a look through the gallery to see which are yours? If you like what you see, or if you’re planning a Fulham Palace celebration and looking for a London Wedding photographer, why not get in touch on the phone or on email, and let’s talk weddings!

Colourful Muslim Fulham Palace Wedding Favourites

Sorayya's peach gown hangs in the garden with roses blossoming in front of it A close up shot of Sorayya's wedding bouquet, featuring loose white, cream and pale pink blooms Sorayya's gold shoes sit on top of the train of her gown Sorayya smiles as she shows off the henna on her palm, as she gets ready for her Colourful Muslim Fulham Palace Wedding A statue is carved into the trunk of a tree in the grounds of Fulham Palace A view through the doors of the ceremony location at Fulham Palace, before the guests arrive Sorayya takes a friend's hand as she exits the car at her Colourful Muslim Fulham Palace Wedding Groom Usman greets guests in the courtyard of Fulham Palace Usman and his family arrive on foot at Fulham Palace for his wedding ceremony A portrait of Sorayya before her ceremony. This image was selected by Huffington Post as one of their most stunning brides. A black and white shot of Sorayya making her entrance and walking down the aisle at Fulham Palace Sorayya and Usman are seated together on a velvet chaise longue during their wedding ceremony Traditional sweets are handed out from a basket at the end of the wedding ceremony Usman is hugged by a female guest after his wedding ceremony The couple emerge into the courtyard under a shower of rose petal confetti Sorayya prepares to throw her bouquet to a crowd of female guests in brightly coloured saris Sorayya throws her bouquet backwards over her head and the guests behind her run to catch it A shot of the wisteria climbing the red brick walls at Fulham Palace An interior shot of the reception room at Fulham Palace, with hanging florals and pink and gold decor A close up of the tables at Sorayya and Usman's wedding reception, showing gold sequin tablecloth and pale pink napkins. Sorayya and Usman lean over a gate in the grounds of Fulham Palace, caught mid-giggle Sorayya and Usman gaze at each other surrounded by white and purple flowers in the grounds of Fulham Palace The newlyweds share a laugh in the conservatory of Fulham Palace Sorayya and Usman burst out laughing during the speeches at their colourful Muslim Fulham Palace Wedding Guests laughing during the speeches at Sorayya and Usman's wedding Sorayya and Usman take to the floor for their first dance at Fulham Palace A male guest shows off some serious moves on the dancefloor at Sorayya and Usman's wedding party A silhouette of Sorayya and Usman against the chapel at Fulham Palace at twilight The newly married couple leave the venue together, and bid farewell to their familes


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