Eynsford Castle – a hidden gem

Eynsford Castle is a little known 11th century ruin, hidden away from the bustle in the Kent village of Eynsford. There isn’t much left of what once must have been a very striking and impressive castle. But, it’s a great place to come to play and picnic with the kids, for a maternity shoot, or for a couple shoot or engagement shoot. That is exactly what Verity and Chris thought when we chatted about possible locations for their pre-wedding shoot.

Although it was cloudy, it was a warm late Summer day. After a nice chat and a hot cup of tea to relax the camera jitters we went for a walk in the Eynsford countryside. First we headed up into one of the nearby fields overlooking the Kent downs and the Eynsford viaduct. In the summer the Kent Downs are green and lush and bursting with colour. It’s as glorious there on an overcast day as on a sunny day.

Then we made our way to Eynsford Castle and had a great time discovering the nooks and crannies of the ruins.

Engaged couple standing in Eynsford field overlooking the Kent DownsCouple framed by power lines and a cloudy sky

Fun for young and old

Eynsford Castle is slightly removed from the High Street in Eynsford and only a small sign gives away its location. Because of this, it is often completely private with nobody around. It’s the perfect place for couples who are a little more apprehensive about being photographed and don’t want too many people around during their engagement shoot.

There is a wooden foot bridge and lots of half demolished walls to climb on. And the views of the Kent Downs that surround it are also just a sight worth taking in. Just the place for a couple who wanted to adventure and explore a place they haven’t been to before. After such a lovely morning, I couldn’t wait to capture their wedding day.

Here are a few of my favourite frames from their Eynsford Castle engagement shoot. Let’s chat and decide where you would like to go for yours.

Engaged couple hugging framed by the flint stones at Eynsford CastleEngaged couple hold hands around the girl's tummyEynsford street sign in Kenta Couple standing in a narrow walkway in Kentengaged couple laughing and kissing at the wooden bridge leading to Eynsford CastleCouple nearly kissing in a flint archwayEngaged couple leaning on each other surrounded by luscious greeneryEngaged couple kissing surrounded by the flint ruins of Eynsford CastleGirl in a red dress sitting and laughing at Eynsford CastleEngaged couple sitting at Kent's Eynsford Castle


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