Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

You and I are here for the same thing: super awesome, exceptionally beautiful photos that we’ll all feel burstingly proud of.


In this little nook of my website I’ve put together a pile of tips, tricks and resources that I hope will help you plan your day and feel toooootally at ease in front of the camera.

You’ll also find my current editing queue here where you’ll be able to track your progress through the editing stages, as well as lots of info on your gorgeous wedding album once you pop out at the other side.

And otherwise, feel free to go and have a nosy in my other pages such as my FAQs and my photography bucket list. You never know, there may be a shoot on there that you’re dying to try as well!

Tips and tricks

Don’t stress the details; remember that my documentary style is all about capturing the realness of what’s going on as it unfolds. I firmly believe that the unscripted moments are what make life most genuinely beautiful.

Let go, enjoy yourselves and relax. I’ve got this.

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