If you were to look at an engagement shoot as a recipe, what would be the ingredients to make it look unforced, natural and happy? One of the things we most crave and miss during the winter months is the warmth and light of the sun. On a more personal level, I also miss colour in the grey rainy everyday of winter. So when spring finally comes, and the sun is a little brighter and stays up a little longer it is one of the best seasons to get out and enjoy your engagement shoot. Add to that the intense pop of colour from all the spring blossom, and you have the perfect recipe for some beautiful Cherry Blossom & Daffodils Spring Engagement Photos.

Cherry Blossom Spring St James Engagement Shoot

The 3 ingredients for a happy and natural engagement shoot


Hannah and Mike wanted to hero the beautiful blossom that bloom in Spring in the London Parks. We did some research and found that the parks have blossom that bloom at different time in Spring. We set our sites on St James Park, which has quite a few cherry trees and also blooms earlier than others. St James Park is one of the most beautiful London couple shoot locations. It’s one of the central Royal Parks and with its 57 acres it spans from Buckingham Palace to Whitehall. The trees were full of pink and white cherry blossom and the lawns popped with golden yellow daffodils.

Engaged couple sitting under a cherry blossom tree


After a long winter season, the warmth of the sunshine can feel almost magical. Luckily, although it was quite chilly, it was also a lovely sunny day, which gave the whole thing a warm and sun-filled glow. The light is pretty much one of the biggest factors that will affect how your engagement photos will look. From golden glow in the morning, to the high harsh sun at noon, to the low warmth at sunset, each light will give you a different look and feel.

But the light can also be affected by the location you pick, so if you choose something in the open, then the light will be stronger and brighter than if you choose an indoor location or a more urban location where buildings may block out the light.

Couple smiling together at St James Park lawn


The beauty of Springtime is also that it is still a lot less busy, so if you’re a little unsure or nervous about having engagement photos in a public place, this will minimise the crowds and you can relax more easily.  So, after a warm cuppa and a chat nearby, we went to explore the park in search of flowers and cherry blossom. We didn’t have to go far, and soon Hannah and Mike relaxed sitting and laughing surrounded by pops of colour.

It was the perfect recipe for their engagement photos and this set them up beautifully for their elegant Two Temple Place London Wedding.

Cherry Blossom & Daffodils Spring Engagement Photos at St James Park Favourites

These are some of my favourites from this gorgeous Cherry Blossom & Daffodils Spring Engagement Shoot. If you are considering an engagement shoot in London, please get in touch.

Couple lying in a sea of daffodils at St James Park
couple hugging in front of striped monument
Cherry blossom
Engaged couple hugging at St James Park
Couple standing in front of St James park monument
Cherry Blossom Spring St James Engagement Shoot
engaged couple hugging in front of wall at st james park
engaged couple kissing in front of striped monument
Couple laughing with each other among daffodils

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