A very Boho Alice in Wonderland themed Wedding at Buckettsland Farm

When I met Verity and Chris, who you might recognise as the Milky Bar kid, for their pre-wedding shoot at Eynsford Castle in Kent, I knew that their Alice in Wonderland themed and very Boho Wedding at Buckettsland Farm in Hertfordshire was going to be a little different.

Chris is now a childrens entertainer, something that fits him to a T, and Verity, apart from looking after their adorable 20-month old daughter, works with animals. We had a great laugh at this shoot and I couldn’t wait to see how their vision of an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding would fit with their Boho Wedding at Buckettsland Farm.

And for sure, it was an exciting and eventful affair but let me start at the beginning.

When I reached Verity at her mum’s house in the morning, I found her in a flurry of preparation. Her mum was ironing, her little daughter was playing games on an iphone, bridesmaid dresses hung on the back of the kitchen door, and hair and makeup were all still being applied.

The energy in the room was buzzing and fun filled.

Verity had told me a little bit about her dress when Chris had stepped away at the end of their engagement shoot and I couldn’t wait to see it. It was a blue lined Alice in Wonderland themed lace Boho wedding dress that she had chosen and worked to put together with the designer, and truly, it was such a beautiful and unique dress!

The bridesmaids helped Verity into it and then left for the church, leaving Verity and her mum waiting for her classic wedding car to drive them to the wedding ceremony. Chris, his groomsmen and the wedding guests had already arrived and everything was set to begin on time when we received a call, telling us that Verity was stuck on the M1 behind a massive car fire and that traffic had come to a standstill.

Plans were quickly hatched on how to pick her up and bring her to the church and just as everything was setting into motion we received another call. This one told us that Verity had been helped by complete strangers on the M1, that had realised that she was a bride-to-be on her way to the church. People from the surrounding cars had organised a ladder and had wrapped blankets over a wire fence so that Verity and her mum could climb over it safely to a parallel road nearby. Once there, complete strangers had stopped and offered to drive them to the church. With their help and just over 45 minutes late, Verity finally arrived at the St Mary’s Church in North Mymms and the wedding ceremony went ahead as planned.

After their lovely ceremony the freshly baked husband and wife jumped into their classic car that had also finally made it to the church and set off to Buckettsland Farm, a very very Boho wedding venue if ever I saw one.

You would think that this would be quite enough excitement for one day, and especially for a wedding day, but there was more to come.

Eat me… Drink me…

When we arrived at their Boho wedding venue, we immersed ourselves in the celebrations. In true Alice in Wonderland style, homemade glasses with handwritten names, quirky little teapots for vases, a seating plan named after types of hats, an upside down cake, and lots of little details came together to make this bohemian wedding stand out as a cross between Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter and the Moulin Rouge. Just look at those group shots and you’ll know what I mean. 🙂

Buckettsland Farm is also a very cool Boho wedding venue for couple shoots, offering lots of little corners and settings that just beg to be photographed. But let me get back to the story.

Excitement over… or so we thought

After cutting their upside down cake, their very emotional speeches and lots and lots of hilarious-all-in marryoke singing, Verity and Chris and their guests prepared for their first dance as a married couple. No sooner had it begun that the technology failed and the music ground to a halt. The DJ started fiddling and while he was sorting it out, Chris brought out his guitar and started singing Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, followed by Stand By Me, The Pirate Song and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Rarely have I seen a room full of adults having so much fun singing at full volume and doing all the actions to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Hilarious!

Eventually the music came back on and Verity and Chris completed their first dance. With such a fun bunch the celebrations only really started there, but I’ll let the photos tell you the rest of the story.

All’s well that ends well

I have rarely seen a couple who so easily and confidently went with the flow and stressed so little, especially considering how many things went a bit Mad Hatter on the day.

It is no wonder that they have a great circle of friends and lots of supporting family that all came together to celebrate this special couple and their union. It was a tremendous pleasure and a true privilege to photograph their Alice in Wonderland themed Boho Wedding and I hope to photograph many more milestones in this lovely couple’s future.

If you’re planning your Boho wedding, a wedding at Buckettsland Farm or and Alice in Wonderland themed wedding of your own, get in touch now and tell me all about it!


As always my dear friend great stuff !!!! x

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