Photography Bucket List

Every wedding is awesome and special. Every wedding has funny people and emotional people and family and friends who love to hug and dance and sing. And that’s what it’s all about.

And there are also many amazing wedding venues and locations to shoot weddings, engagement shoots, and family shoots at. Finding little corners and different angles to make your photos look unique and amazing is something I relish.

And then there are a few shoot ideas as well as places and venues in this world that I LOVE so much that if you were to book me for them, you would see me doing multiple fist pumps while moonwalking with the same maniacal look on my face that you’d see on a kid’s face who’s just about to get an ice cream cone.

Attractive, I know! But sadly true.

Obviously, as I tick awesome stuff off my photography bucket list and travel a little more, new places, venues and more awesome stuff will pop back on, so keep an eye out.

And if you’d like to join me on some of these adventures, or you’re planning to be around there anyway and would like some fantasmagorical photos taken of you, hot damn, just give me a shout.

My Photography Bucket List

Tweed, Braces and Rock’n’Roll Roooooocked it
Tipis and flowery teacups Had some tea and marshmallows over the fire pits. Yumm!
A Harry Potter inspired wedding – Magical? Perhaps
A Natural History Museum engagement shoot
A National Maritime Museum engagement shoot We had SOOO much fun!
Copenhagen Summer wedding Looove the summer in this city
A Venetian Masked Ball wedding with masks, amazing head pieces and gorgeous gowns
French Bistro engagement shoot
Elopement wedding in Paris
Night time engagement shoot at the Northern Lights Nature’s pure magic. It’s an experience of a lifetime ❄
Belgian Glam it up In Bruges Wedding
A Greased Lightning styled Wedding
Wedding in Bukhara/Buxoro
Traditional Wedding in Bulgaria If you haven’t tried Bulgarian food, DO IT!
A Gorgeously Sunny Wedding in Greece
A Moroccan Riad Wedding Tagine me crazy! What a place.
A desert Wedding so so so so so so hot
A Wedding Down-Under
Down-Under +, a New Zealand Wedding
St Paul’s Cathedral Wedding Rainy, but so fabulous
Asylum London Wedding
Aynhoe Park Wedding
Elopement Wedding Juuuuust the three of us <3
Barcelona Gaudi Wedding
A wedding or shoot at Las Pozas, Mexico (Look it up. Seriously!)
LA glam Wedding? Yes please
Frisco Dream Wedding
Stetsons and line dancing at your wedding. Yeehaaw!
An iconic Tower of London Wedding. Want to do another there? Me too!
A Dubai wedding or engagement shoot – #allamazingbackgrounds

And there you have it. My current Photography Bucket List. Well, what’s on my brain at the moment.

Does any of this sound like what you’re planning? Does it sound just up your street? Do you want to, have to, NEED to do it ASAP? Does any of it sound like WTF… where the hell is that anyway?

If you have a good idea for a location and are looking for the right adventurous photographer for you, then let’s get planning.

Drop me a line, ask me a question, and let’s get this adventure on the road and items on this photography bucket list ticked off!

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