On my last visit to the US, I met up with Brittany and Charles at Hunting Hill Mansion in Ridley Creek State Park, just outside of Philadelphia, PA, for a quick evening destination e-shoot. As yet, I haven’t captured many weddingsin this area, but it is absolutely stunning and so was this Ridley Creek State Park engagement session.


The large English-Tudor style Hunting Hill Mansion in the heart of Ridley Creek Park is a stunning and popular wedding location in the area and we completely lucked out with the weather. It was absolutely freezing and I swear I got some frostbite in my toes and fingers, but the sunshine and the fun we had made up for it in troves.


We arrived there a little before sunset and got some wonderful shots with snow-covered ground and low sun.


I had also seen a very worn and broken glass greenhouse on my walk around the Mansion and we decided to live on the wild side a little and sneak in for a few quick shots in the hope that we wouldn’t get caught by the park ranger. And what a glass greenhouse it is! Most of the window panes have shattered and have fallen out, others have been pushed out of the way by the intertwined and overgrowing branches that have snaked their way all around and through the old glasshouse beams, trays and shelves.


I just love the contrast of the old, broken and disintegrating greenhouse and the tenderness and love that seems to be growing stronger by the minute between Brittany and Charles.


This Ridley Creek State Park engagement session has already become one of my favourites.


I’m also very excited that I’ll have ample opportunity to shoot more of this lovely couple in just a few months.What could you ask for more? Brilliant!

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[…] Brittany and Charles and I went out for one of the coldest couples shoots I have ever shot. We shot at Ridley Creek State Park’s Hunting Hill Mansion and at the old broken greenhouse close to the Tudor-style house. […]

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