Why Should I Book Maria Assia?

Are you wondering why you should book Maria Assia Photography as your wedding photographer?



I could list all the usual reasons, that every other photographer gives as well. And of course all of them are true!
I love photography.


I really love what I do.


I am super passionate about capturing weddings and couples. I get excited when I see the emotions that I’ve captured in your photographs.


I don’t just do this to pay the bills or to pay for my son’s swimming or piano lessons.


I love the big, loud, everyone can see me but I don’t care laughs; the subtle looks that you share with your hubby to be as you join him at the end of the aisle and the stroke of the hand that says I’m so glad you are here and that you love me and that I love you.


I love the hands up in the air, bum wiggling, sing out loud dancing with your friends.


I really do.


But that’s only part of why you should book Maria Assia Photography.

You love my photos. Sure!


But there’s more to it.


It’s about gut feeling and about how you want your story told.


Like everything else at your wedding, your choice should be about what’s right for you!


If you absolutely love ice cream and beautifully crafted cakes, you’re not going to go shopping for them at a sushi stall are you?
The same thing applies to photography!


Do you love great, storytelling, unobtrusive photography that really tells the story of your day just as it happened?


I’m your girl.


Do you want photography that is unique to you? Photography that is creative and not the same as every other couple’s photos over the last 10 years?




Do you want to just have a blast and for your friends and family to have the same, without worrying about your
photography or whether your photos look like those million photos on Pinterest?




Do you want to look back on your memories for years to come and see how happy you really were at your wedding, or how touched, how playful or cheeky?


Is what you really care about a wonderful, candid account of your day, a capture of this point in time of your life, of the people that are important to you and that you love, without embellishment and fake, cheesy poses?


The ones you love and will want to tell your children and grandchildren about? Because they might not be around anymore?


Because you want to keep them in your heart, in your home, in a frame, or in an album?


Then get in touch right now, let’s arrange to meet, order some tea or wine, and get you sorted.


Because when it comes to this, you know what you want and we just click.


And because this is what your photos are and always will be.


Your memories, and your most treasured possession from your big day.
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