How Do We Book You? And what happens next?

It’s really easy to book Maria Assia Photography for your wedding. And, rightfully so, you might wonder what happens next, and next after that.

What are the steps that we’ll take to get the best out of your wedding photography? What do I need from you? What is expected of you, and when will you ‘have to face the camera’ for the first time. How often will we talk before your wedding? How long will you have to wait until you see your gorgeous photos after the wedding? And what if you’d like to have an album or three?

All great questions, and instead of boring you to tears with mountains of waffling details, I’ve put together this awesome illustration. And who doesn’t like a pretty cartoon, right?

So here are the steps that we’ll go through when you book me for your wedding day. Let’s hope you have numbers 1 and 2 covered, or you are one very oooooorganised chick! 😉

The steps we’ll take when you book Maria Assia Photography

Book Maria Assia Photography in 16 quick steps


If you still have more questions, my wedding photography FAQs are pure awesome sauce for the inquisitive mind.

Or, if you’re ready, and now that you know all the important steps, let’s get down to business and lock in your date.

Life just got a lot more awesome