Katie and Sam’s Autumnal Upwaltham Barns Wedding in West Sussex was a real treat. I have a huge soft spot for autumnal weddings – the light on cold but sunny days makes for some truly romantic photos. I also have a huge soft spot (and need to give excited high fives) for brides who can rock a dress with a capital D! Katie’s Martina Liana gown was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. I love love love the frothy full skirt, and it was perfect for twirling on the dance floor. Can we also talk about the shoes? Studded killer heels by Valentino. I. KNOW!

The fashion all round at this autumnal Upwaltham barns wedding was pretty drool worthy. Katie’s bridesmaids looked wonderful in their gold sparkly gowns, and I loved all the laughter and giggles as they got ready together. The boys scrubbed up well too, with their rust coloured tweed. The autumn colours continued in the choice of flowers, Katie’s bouquet full of rich plum blooms and thistles by Wild Willow Flowers was so beautiful in the rustic barn setting. I do love a bouquet with texture!

After an emotional service (I swear I get goosebumps every time a bride’s veil is lifted from her face) it was time for mingling with some absolutely exquisite canapés. Seriously, seriously delicious! Then it was on to the speeches. Watching the room react to stories and jokes about the couple they love is always a favourite moment for a reportage photographer like me. I could snap people bursting into laughter until the cows come home. Every face behaves differently when giggling or guffawing and I think it’s beautiful. This room was filled with stunning smiles and wonderfully brilliant cackling.

I’ll let you get scrolling through the image gallery soon, I promise. But I just have to mention Katie and Sam’s wedding dance. They had a mega dance off in the big barn at Upwaltham Barns, and that is just epic. The sparkles in Katie’s dress lit up and the moves and shapes made everyone guffaw. What can be better than that?

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Autumnal Upwaltham Barns Wedding Favourites

The bride and bridesmaids get ready together The bride's Valentino shoes cast a shadow on the wall in the sunshine Martina Liana Bridal gown at Upwaltham Barns Bridal Suite Cottage The beaded wedding dress is done up by a bridesmaid An action shot of the bride getting into her Martina Liana wedding gownThe bridal bouquet by Wild Willow Flowers. Featuring deep plums and pale pinks Bride and Bridesmaids looking out the window at the Upwaltham Barns wedding guests arrivingThree bridesmaids wearing gold sequinned dresses get a first look at the bride in her dress The bride's father lifts her veil from her face as she reaches the end of the aisle A black and white shot of an emotional mum during the wedding ceremony The couple share their first kiss as husband and wifeA close up confetti shot of the bride and groomThe bride greets some female guests after the ceremonyA funny group shot of the groom and groomsmenThe bride stands with her four bridesmaidsBride laughing with her girlfriends at Upwaltham BarnsA tray of delicious canapés decorated with yellow flowersA female guest with bright pink hair chats to a friend while holding a glass of fizzThe couple gaze at each other, laughingThe groom whispers something in his bride's ear, and she bursts out laughingThe bride leans and rests her forehead against her groom'sA sunset shot of the couple silhouetted in a doorway Bride's brother laughing at the wedding speechesBride bursts out laughing and covers her face during the speechesA male guest leans forward and laughs during the speechesGuests applaud and wave their arms during the speechesWedding guests putting her feet up at Upwaltham Barns during the wedding speechesBride taking selfie with her Upwaltham Barns wedding guestsThe bride and three female guests pose jokily with bowler hats decorated in loads of flowersBride and groom dancing a fun routine at their Autumnal Upwaltham Barns WeddingBride and groom hugging after their first dance at Upwaltham Barns


These are all gorgeous Maria. Love your photos, love the wedding, love that dress! Beautiful.

Thanks so much Clare. I really appreciate the kind words. Isn’t it just a wonderful dress? xx

Oh my gosh, her dress is epic! Looks like a wonderful day!

Isn’t it just? It really was fabulous

Looks like a fun wedding Maria, well captured.

Gorgeous work Maria. I love the way you are right in amongst the action.

Love Upwaltham Barns as a venue, and you’ve captured so much energy in your pictures Maria. They look like a great group to photograph.

Thanks so much David. They really were. What a blast and a really great venue!

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