What I do

I love photography. And I love documentary wedding photography.

Which is why I love being a London Documentary Wedding Photographer. I really love what I do.

I am super passionate about capturing weddings and couples, and I get excited when I see the emotions that I’ve captured in your photographs.

I don’t just do this to pay the bills or to pay for my son’s swimming or piano lessons.

I love big reactions – the too-loud laughs, the tears, the I’ve-had-too-many-lemonades-and-I-don’t-care faces; the subtle looks that you share with your hubby to be as you join him at the end of the aisle, and the stroke of the hand that says I’m so glad you are here and that you love me and that I love you.

I love the hands up in the air, bum wiggling, sing out loud dancing with your friends.

I really do.

I steal those moments; I pop them right in my camera to keep them safe forever.

And I do all of this from angles that you wouldn’t expect. I go low, I go high. I move around loads to get the most interesting perspectives that others might miss.

My style is joyful, exciting, creative and unpredictable. My images are original, unscripted, totally beautiful and will transport you right back to the day that you both said ‘I do’.

I capture energy, stillness, silliness, wonder and the beauty of life.

I’ll photograph your day as it happens, wherever and whenever it happens in case you’ve got the Travelbug. Unedited, unadulterated, unscripted – entirely natural.

My images are honest, free from embellishment and jam packed with emotion.

I create images that feel like you – and you alone – not every other couple who’ve ever been married. Because you’re not every other couple.

You’re you.

And you want images that are personal, and joyful, and bursting with emotion. Photographs that you love now and into the future, and will tell your children and grandchildren about who you are. Photographs you’ll keep in your heart, your home, and in a frame that you’ll display so proudly.

Of course I will capture your formals. Sure.

But all around those formals, in the morning when you’re getting ready with your buddies and your mum, during the ceremony when you become husband and wife, during your couple sessions when you can take a breather and just be by yourselves for a short while and we create gorgeous portraits of the two of you, to the speeches and the outrageous party at the end of your day, I’ll be your personal fly on the wall capturing all the things that you’ll remember forever and those that you will otherwise forget soon after your day has gone.

I won’t make you stand in stiff, cheesy and tired poses or ask you to grin like a pancake at the camera. None of that with me!

So on the day, you just be you and I’ll capture all of the little moments – the significant and the seemingly less significant, that together will tell the story of your day in the most beautiful way.

Send me a little letter and let’s get things happening!

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