Who am I?

I have always been a storyteller. From the days when my little sister couldn’t sleep and I made up stories that had us giggling for hours, to writing copy for a living in my previous career, to telling tales to my little son and daughter that calm them down before bedtime, stories have been a constant in my otherwise very eventful life.

As the daughter of a Bulgarian diplomat and a German documentary film director, my life has always been about change. Since earliest childhood I have travelled the world and inhaled the different smells, colours and sounds of the cultures we visited. I have my father to thank for my curiosity, sense of adventure and love of travel which has shaped me as an individual and an artist.

My brilliant mother introduced me to a deep and lasting love affair with film. She made black and white documentary films which were gritty, very real and showed life from an unusual perspective. She showed me a heap of Hitchock films before I was ten, explaining how the composition elevated the story of the film to something spectacular. I was hooked.

Her film equipment always looked mysterious and enchanting, the cameras and film something magical that could shape the way you feel and make you sad, happy, thoughtful or full of joy.

The idea of wanting to touch it and press this button or that was so deliciously enticing, so difficult to avoid and not give into! I see the same struggle on my kiddies’ faces as they try so hard not to play with my equipment now.

I love that sense of intrigue, mischief and naughtiness. I don’t take life too seriously and I’ll always find the funny side. Anything contrived makes me itch; I prefer a looser, more authentic approach. Because life is imperfect, and beautifully so. So get the dress a little muddy, don’t worry about the spilt champagne and don’t sweat the small stuff!

I’m a sucker for couples who really love each other and I’m often the first to cry at weddings. Yep, I know! I’m endlessly fascinated by people and have huge respect for those who live life their own way. I love really good, really loud music, I love energy, life and movement.

I want the best possible photos for you and there’s little I won’t do to get the perfect shot that makes your heart burst with joy.

Me through the years and the people who make me ‘me’

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And there you have it. I aim to provide you with an exceptional set of wedding photographs that reflect your characters and personalities and for this I use natural light in all its shades, colours and forms as well as some creative light for some of your portraits.

So, check out what I do or just go ahead and give me shout, and then come let’s go on an adventure. We’re going to have a blast!

Maria xx

Alrighty. We love you!

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