A silhouette of a couple on their engagement photo shoot in Hastings

A very chilly dawn pre-wedding shoot in Hastings

I love it when my couples are adventurous and come up with something different for their pre-wedding shoot and I was very excited when Gina and Chris decided to have their engagement photo shoot not only in Hastings Old Town and beach, where Chris grew up, but also at dawn.

Now at the beginning of March, dawn is a very very chilly time of day, but oh my was it worth it. If you love amazing red, orange and yellow skies, stunning views, the sun reflecting off the sea and are not too squeamish about a little wind and rain or getting up at 5am then an Engagement Photo Shoot at Dawn might be just the ticket for you.

Just imagine standing there, overlooking one of the most beautiful sunrises over a really old seaside town, just the two of you, bathed in the glorious dawn sunshine. The day is just beginning, the birds are only just starting to sing and there is nobody else about except you and your photographer, capturing your laughter and love.

What’s there to do after the sun comes up? Go down to Hastings Old Town of course!

Once the sun came up, we quickly made our way down to Hastings Old Town and the beach. The tall waves crashed into the old pier, the seagulls were out in full force and Gina and Chris bravely faced the wind on the beach, goofing around and having a whale of a time.

We then snuck back into town which was still deserted and took some photos at the old black fishermen’s huts that are so iconic and recognisable for Hastings. The little streets, the quirky squares and shops are so inspiring and provided great backdrops for Gina and Chris’s Hastings pre-wedding shoot.

Although it was really chilly, I love the set of photos that Gina, Chris and I created and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding. 🙂

A great idea – An Engagement Photo Shoot at Dawn

If you’re planning your pre-wedding shoot, have a think not only about location but also about time of day. If you are shy, you might not want to have a million people around you on your shoot, but if you choose the time of day carefully, you can still go to a very busy and touristy place like Hastings. The rising sun at dawn can often provide just as stunning skies and views as sunset, so don’t be afraid to think outside of daylight hours.

If you’re up for an engagement photo shoot at dawn, or are looking to book your Hastings pre-wedding shoot, then I’d love to hear from you and start your stunning photo adventure. Hey, and who doesn’t love really unique photographs of themselves?

A red sky at Dawn Sunrise over the sea in HastingsGina & Chris engagement photo shoot HastingsA couple walking along a windy beach at their Hastings pre wedding shootA couple smiling at each other on their Hastings pre wedding shootA couple hugging at their pre wedding shoot in HastingsA couple kissing on the beach with the waves crashing into an old pier at their Hastings engagement photo shootQuirky pre wedding shoot in HastingsBlack and white photo or a couple hugging by a giant octopus statue in Hastings Old TownAn engaged couple standing on a Hastings square on their pre wedding shootA couple standing face to face smiling at each otherA couple laughing in a square on their Hastings pre wedding shootA couple hugging in a Hasting square on their engagement photo shootArrows graffitti on a pre wedding shoot in HastingsA Hasting pre wedding shoot of a couple sitting at a bus stopA couple looking and smiling at each other through the glass pane at a bus stop on their engagement photo shoot in HastingsAn engaged couple sitting under a fishing boat surrounded by old black fishing huts on their Hastings pre wedding shootAn engaged couple smiling at each other leaning against a black fishing hutA couple laughing at each other leaning against a black Hastings fishing hutA couple standing in front of a black fishing hut at their Hasting engagement photo shoot


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