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An epic Whimsical Wedding in the midst of the Bavarian Forest – Part 2


As a Destination Wedding Photographer I am very fortunate to be asked to travel to many different parts of the world. A few days ago I posted the first part of this epic Bavarian forest whimsical wedding.


Anja and Roland had such an action packed day that I have had to split my post into two parts – so here it is Part 2 of 2.

Ceremony no. 2


After a few more wedding games and a short break for lunch the second part of the day commenced.


More guests started filling in for Anja and Roland’s free ceremony, which was held in the beautiful grounds of the Hotel and decorated fittingly in their green and white colour scheme. With all the guests assembled, Anja and Roland walked down the ‘aisle’ towards their guests and the beautifully hand crafted initials that Anja’s dad had made for them. The couple were welcomed by their celebrant, an interesting man with a hilarious sense of humour. Both the Maid of Honour and the Best Man held their speeches and then the celebrant asked for the rings.


You would expect for the rings to be exchanged at this point, but instead the celebrant passed the rings to the first guests and asked each of them to bless the rings and make a wish for the couple’s future and happiness before handing it to the guest beside them. It was a very touching part of the ceremony, and one that this destination wedding photographer had not yet experienced in this fashion.


At the end of the line, the rings were passed back to the celebrant and the Bavarian free wedding ceremony continued its expected course. Anja and Roland exchanged their rings, and were soon pronounced husband and wife. At this point everyone was invited to release a heart-shaped love balloon into the sky and with the glorious blue sky, that made for a stunning view over the valley.


Lots of laughs and chats later, Anja and Roland were invited to cut their wedding cake. This cake had been made by Roland’s family, but you wouldn’t have known it – it looked pristine. The couple explained to me that depending on who of the two has their hand on top of the other’s for this part of the ceremony, it is said, would be the dominant partner of the two. So after a bit of fumbling, Roland was very pleased to have his hand on top, only to notice at the end of the first slice that Anja had snuck a sneaky finger above after all. Very funny!

On to the party


After a quick cuppa and a slice of absolutely heavenly cake (Roland, I’m still waiting for your dad’s recipe!) dinner was announced and everyone found their seat in the reception room. Anja and Roland were called over to a special set of seats and without knowing what was about to happen they took their places. On the first notes of a very quick Boogie, Roland’s aunt and uncle entered the room and danced an impressive routine that sent her petticoat flying through the air and had everyone clapping along. Then, Anja and Roland held a joint speech in both German and English, and declared the party open.


Can I just say, if you are looking for a gorgeous place with stunning food in the south east of the Bavarian Forest, the Gidibauer Hof is the place to go. The food was just so so good and the meal was incredibly satisfying.


A few courses into the meal, Anja’s Maid of Honour and Roland’s best man held a joint speech and presented the couple with a homemade cookbook, which featured all the guests favourite recipes from around the world. Yummm! Then it was Anja’s dad’s turn and this is where it turned serious for a little while. Anja’s dad told the story of how he had met Anja’s mum in Communist Hungary, and how after applying for a marriage license and its denial had only just and very dangerously been able to flee from Hungary into Germany after many hardships, to never be able to return. It was a very touching moment and had everyone in tears, including Anja’s parents themselves. It was wonderful to see the support and closeness that holds this family together and how they support each other through their tears.


Serious note over, Anja and Roland were surprised by a very brilliant homemade sock puppet opera show, which lifted the mood and had everyone laughing at the top of their lungs. And then it was already time for Anja and Roland’s first dance. It was intimate and slow, but only for a very short moment, before adding two more dancers to the party and turning into a hilarious routine that was something between ‘Greased Lightning’ and ‘Staying Alive’. And with that, the dancing began. I tell you, whoever said that Germans are reserved and boring has never seen them in action. These people certainly know how to party! 🙂

The elements that made this a truly Whimsical Wedding


I was really struck by all the homemade whimsical wedding elements of this day, and since it would make for a much much longer post if I were to describe them all in detail, I will restrict myself to listing them here as well as who had organised or made them to give you an impression:

  • stickers on shoes (made by Anja)
  • hair & make-up (Anja’s friend)
  • homemade wedding cake (Roland’s dad)
  • homemade carved initials (Anja’s dad)
  • homemade happily every after sign (Anja’s dad)
  • chair and table decorations (Anja and Roland)
  • maroons (Anja’s Munich friends)
  • bride’s dress (sewn by Roland’s sister)
  • all the flower arrangements, the bridal bouquet and buttonholes (made by a friend of the Anja’s family)
  • ring box (Anja and Roland)
  • ring blessing ceremony (organised by the celebrant)
  • groom’s tie label (Anja)
  • jazz band (Roland’s friend)
  • wedding games/surprises:
    • heart sheet (Anja’s maid of honour)
    • heart shaped balloons (Anja and Roland’s dads)
    • cookbook (Roland’s best man)
    • surprise dance (Roland’s aunt & uncle)
    • surprise first dance (Anja, Roland, Roland’s best man & Anja’s friend)
    • sock puppets opera show (Anja’s uncles and family friends)


I am sure that I have forgotten something, but hopefully my photographs will tell the story better than I ever could.


If you are looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer to capture your Whimsical Wedding or you are planning a German or Bavarian Forest wedding of your own, please get in touch to check my availability and let’s get planning! In the meantime, enjoy this amazing day just as I did, and feel free to share, comment and like the photos you are about to see.

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