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Hi, I’m Maria, and I’m so excited that you’re here!

I’m an Award Winning Documentary London Wedding Photographer, shooting kick-ass couples in London, Kent, across the UK and internationally as they get hitched. My style is totallllly unobtrusive, unscripted and unconventional and your photography is unposed, natural and informal. That’s how I catch those moments and bottle them up for you in beautiful, hilarious and emotional memories. I love couples who have a zest for life, who are crazy in love and who like to do things their own way. There’ll be no standing around grinning like a pancake at the camera on my watch. Just heaps of laughter, a tonne of fun and exquisite documentary photographs that you’ll love forever.

Welcome to the home of documentary wedding photography for people in love with life.

Bride and Groom's first wedding kiss at their Elegant Late Summer Belair House Wedding

Award Winning Documentary Wedding Photography. What’s it all about?

Whether you call it Documentary Wedding Photography, Reportage Wedding Photography, or Wedding Photojournalism, it’s a fancy-shmancy way of saying capturing the day in a fly on the wall way.

From the morning, while you’re having as much fun as possible with your besties, be it in London, the South East, somewhere else in the UK or anywhere in the world, I will photograph the action in a totally unobtrusive ninja like fashion.

Sure I will capture your formals as well. They are part of your wedding too, but outside of that there will be no posing on my watch. Simply minimal awkward posing and pancake-grinnery.

Before you know it, you’ll be crying up AND down the aisle, LOLing at the speeches and dancing in your bare feet, while I capturer it all.

Add to that a few creative photos throughout the day, and hey presto, the magic happens.

By all that’s fuzzy about kiwis, why didn’t you say it from the start?

Let’s put the Zing into your Documentary Wedding Photography.

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A gift I didn't know I couldn't live without

Maria Maria Maria…

I can’t stop looking at the photos. I never thought that I would be the type of person who goes back again and again to look at the past. But I am completely mesmerised and awestruck by them. I am enchanted by your stunning photos. They make me so happy inside, so I just look at them allllll the time!

Thank you so much for giving me a gift I didn’t even know I couldn’t live without!

Everything you would hope to remember

Maria is the best choice we made during our wedding planning.

Her experience and talent knows no bounds. She captures everything you would hope to remember and surprises you with things you didn't even realise happened.

Thank you for capturing our day. Words cannot express our gratitude and can't recommend you highly enough. In you we have found a wonderful person who just so happens to be the photographer we will always come back to.

Photos we'll look at for years and years to come

Maria, what an incredible, talented photographer you are.

When we first met Maria I instantly fell in love with her work. We booked her there and then and there hasn't been a second I've doubted our decision. Her professionalism and communication throughout was faultless. She effortlessly captures those 'moments' without even noticing she's there. From the ceremony through to the reception, she was a superstar.

Thank you Maria, we are so grateful for your hard work and I know we'll look at our album for years and years to come with a huge smile on our face.


I am very fortunate that my documentary wedding photography has been featured on some amazing blogs and publications. Some of these include:

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